Government Is the Real Problem

The Robodebt report shows just how corrupt and compromised our system of government has become. You cannot rely on them to solve your problems.

Government Is the Real Problem
Photo by Aditya Joshi / Unsplash

I have to confess that I haven’t paid too much attention to the Robodebt fiasco. 

That’s not to say it wasn’t important, it’s just that I have such little faith in government or the integrity of most of those involved that nothing surprises me any more. 

There was also the royal commission investigation underway which was always going to be more effective than any political inquiry.

Now that it has released the report, it’s fair to say that the result is more damning than many would have thought possible.

It paints a picture of a dishonest and manipulative government. Some would argue the deception and lies were so great that it was borderline criminal. 

The Royal Commission report does recommend civil and criminal prosecutions for some individuals. Just who they are is in a sealed section of the report. 

I agree with the non-publication of the names of those accused because they are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. 

This episode confirms all the fears I have tried to convey to you about the state of our body politic. You cannot rely on what they tell you or the integrity of how our governments conduct themselves.

Policies are designed to empower the government, buy support and punish their political foes. 

Government is no longer an ally of the people but an overlord, controlled by the political class whose only goal is to keep their job and entrench their own power. 

Labor is highlighting this abuse by the previous government and trying to score political points. 

Their attacks would have more merit if they upheld integrity standards of their own. 

The fact that Katy Gallagher is still the finance minister after not telling the truth to a senate committee demonstrates just how shallow their own political moral fibre is.

The problems in our political discourse go much deeper than broken promises or flowery language. 

I truly believe the historic principles attached to political and ministerial accountability have been abandoned. 

We’ve had examples of people caught deliberately ripping off the system, meaning the taxpayers, who are then promoted into leadership positions. We’ve got those caught lying to parliament (and not just Katy Gallagher by the way) who still hold senior party positions. 

It likely gets much worse than that as I expect the National Anti-Corruption Commission to expose. 

Our politics is broken. It’s no longer fit for purpose, which is why our country is going backwards.

Our lives have never been more cluttered by the claims of bureaucracy and our politicians have never had so much power, yet they deny any responsibility for the problems WE have to deal with.

Power prices and utilities, housing costs, rates and taxes, food and fuel, all smashing our budgets, are all a result of ham-fisted political policies. 

It’s proof positive that the more government interference you have in your life, the worse your life becomes. 

So next time you see a problem and think the government should do something about it, ask yourself why, if government has proven so inept and dangerous, why would you be wanting even more of it?

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