From Vaccines to Vaping

Fresh from fronting the COVID vaccines are safe and effective campaign, Dr Karl is now being used on another 'public health push'.

From Vaccines to Vaping

I was confronted by a taxpayer-funded anti-vaping advertisement recently.

"Vaping is not safe" it declared.

Now, I'm no shill for big tobacco, but as far as I know, no one has said vaping is actually safe.

I always relied on the UK Health review that found vaping was 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco usage.

How foolish I was when I should have relied on the wisdom of celebrity talking head Dr Karl Kruszelnicki for my medical advice instead.

You see, the South Australian government hired him to be the face of the anti-vaping campaign.

This follows his featuring on the QLD government's Vaping Truths website.

If I were choosing a spokesman for a public health campaign, I wouldn't be choosing someone who ran around telling everyone that the COVID jabs were 'safe and effective'.

But, of course, that would eliminate almost every medical professional in the country and disqualify nearly every health bureaucrat and politician.

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