Four More Years

Trump has the skills, the energy and the track record to deserve four more years.

Four More Years

The US Presidential election is tomorrow and I'm picking an emphatic Trump victory.

I realise that if I am wrong, this post will not age well, but any other outcome is almost inconceivable. Not in an electoral sense but because we all know Donald Trump, while he may not be everyone's cup of tea, he is clearly doing great work for America.

Trump's track record is outstanding in terms of trade, foreign relations, the economy, border security, law reform and in many other areas.

The criticism of him has mostly centred around fabricated stories and anonymous smears. There was no Trump campaign collusion with Russia. That was simply a smear made up by the Democrats to distract from Clinton's illegal email server.

Unlike the Obama, Biden and Clinton legacies, Trump appears above the corruption clearly endemic in Washington.

Trump has a track record to be proud of. He has appointed excellent Supreme Court justices, implemented tax cuts, abolished government tape and has the energy that is the envy of any 50 year old ( including this one!).

His opponent is a stark contrast. Biden is just not fit for the role he seeks.

His clearly advancing senility is enough to disqualify him from even being a candidate. His 47 year political track record is nothing to be proud of either.

His current running mate (and those pulling the Democratic Party strings) are avowed socialists that have plans to implement one party rule in the land of the free.

They want to stack the Supreme Court, embrace radical green policies, raise taxes and rig the system in favour of the elites.

Then we come to the Biden corruption. While it is a close race for the most corrupt Democrat (Obama, Biden, Clinton are my top three), the Biden family business is staggering in its brazen quest for money.

They took millions upon millions from America's enemies. They went in to bat for corrupt enterprises. In effect, they used the Vice Presidency as a centre for massive profit.

The evidence is there for all to see but the equally broken mainstream media have ignored the facts they don't want others to know.

All this has played into Trump's hands. It is clear to the American people that the political establishment inhabit a swamp that is far bigger than many thought possible.

It is putrid and those that thrive within it, loathe Trump because he want's to drain the swamp. He has broken the facade hiding the deep state that has been working against the American people in favour of a chosen few.

The world needs Trump to win.

If he doesn't, the left will consider that their vote rigging, political and media corruption and identity politics, is a successful formula and will export it around the world.

Freedom will suffer. Families will suffer. Countries will suffer. We will all suffer as they seek to make us all mere serfs of the state.

That's why I am proud to be publicly cheering for a Trump victory. There is much more at stake than blue team or red team.

The teams are no longer what they were.

This is a vote to reject the poison of socialism and the tyranny and economic collapse that inevitably follows its implementation.

None of us can afford that which means that none of us can afford Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Four More Years!

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