The importance of strong family values cannot be understated. Here's your daily news digest for 16 January 2023.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash
Why Families Are More Important Than Ever
Family values are less popular than they used to be, with fractured families all over the country and dropping birth rates. There is no longer a dominant family form in the United States, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by itself -- but thi...


Australia Needs More Than Labor’s Union-appeasing Industrial Relations Laws To Fix Our Chronic Worker Shortage
Recent analysis by the Institute of Public Affairs found that our current worker shortage level will cost Australians $32 billion in foregone wages and the Federal Government $7 billion in foregone income tax revenue.
No Wonder They Won’t Detail How the Voice Will Work – Quadrant Online
Record household refinancing as interest rates bite - InDaily
Refinancing levels hit $13.4 billion in November, setting a new Australian Bureau of Statistics record for owner-occupier mortgage holders switching lenders in an attempt to deal with rapidly rising interest rates.


The Democrats Have Started Getting Rid of Biden
The Democrats Have Started Getting Rid of Biden. By Tucker Carlson. It happened to Andrew Cuomo: It’s hard to remember now, but it wasn’t that long ago that Andrew Cuomo was not only th…
China’s ‘Zero-COVID’ Policy Collapses as Country Admits More Than 50,000 Have Died in Hospitals Since December
The report would more than double China’s official COVID-19 death toll to 10,775 since the disease was first detected in late 2019.
Betrayed by a friend – French historian outlines German-US dilemma | Free West Media
The French sociologist, historian and publicist Emmanuel Todd spoke in an interview with a Swiss weekly magazine about an interim assessment of the current East-West conflict. He also commented in detail on the situation in Germany, whose sovereignty has almost completely disappeared under the tutel…

Business, Finance & Investment

David Stockman Reveals What Inflation Would Look Like in a True Free-Market Economy
There is not a shred of historical evidence that the US economy needs a 2.00% inflation guardrail to thrive, or any fixed rate of inflation at all.
5 ways to recession-proof your finances | Stockspot
How can you be financial prepared if a recession hits? Here are five tips to help you prepare for a recession.
Gold Buying Only Starting
Gold’s young upleg has so far mostly been fueled by stage-one gold-futures short covering, which still isn’t finished. The great majority of bigger stage-two gold-futures long buying is still coming.


M&M’s: saving women one calorie at a time | The Spectator Australia
I’ve never really thought of M&M’s as having a gender when they disappear from the packet and head straight to my thighs. Sure, I’ve felt sorry for the odd Lindt bunny, sitting there sadly after…
Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a Tyrant Unworthy of Admiration | The Libertarian Institute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNSMrawCmcM Volodymyr Zelenskyy has: Instituted Military Conscription (Also Known As Slavery and Forced Labor) Bombed Poland Then Lied Blaming Russia Trying to Start World War Three w/ NATO Nationalized (Monopolized) the Media Banned opposition parties Repressed the R…
The Gas Stove Scare Is A Fraud Created By Climate Change Authoritarians - Alt-Market.us
By Brandon Smith In the past I have often tried to take a big picture approach to the issues facing...

Crypto & Blockchain

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Rockets to 21321 - 15 January 2023
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) reached its highest level since early November early in the Asian session as the pair traded as high as the 21321.98 area before coming off to the 20333
‘It’s Very Clear Now’ FTX Committed Fraud, Says Hedge Fund CEO Anthony Scaramucci - The Daily Hodl
Skybridge Capital chief executive Anthony Scaramucci is now convinced that collapsed crypto exchange FTX committed wrongdoing.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Glenn Greenwald Is Reporting on the Increase in Censorship in Brazil and Elon Musk Is Listening
Paul Serran shared information on the increase in censorship of the truth in Brazil after communist Lula took over the country by stealing the recent election. Serran’s Truth social media post included a tweet by Glenn Greenwald an American independent journalist who lives in Brazil. Here is Serran’…

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