Fake Meat

Let 'dollar voting' decide. Here's your daily news digest for 6 February 2023.

Fake Meat
Photo by José Ignacio Pompé / Unsplash
The Fake Meat Industry Is Failing, But That Might Lead to Governments Propping It Up.
Impossible Foods, manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives, is laying off 20 percent of its workforce. This will be the third wave of layoffs at Impossible in just the last year, and marks another wretched milestone for the beleaguered company which has continually failed to justify its own hyp…


Labor says public sector board review will end ‘jobs for mates culture’
Being on a government board should be about what you know, not who you know, minister Katy Gallagher says
The Voice would give aboriginals greater say on ALL policies, not just ones affecting them
The Voice would give aboriginals greater say on ALL policies, not just ones affecting them. By Chris Merritt. The real issue at this year’s indigenous voice referendum is a question of principle: W…
I support Australia Day: the NSW Police moved me along | The Spectator Australia
On the morning of Australia Day last week, I made my way to the Invasion Day Sydney protest with an I Support Australia Day sign. When I turned up to the protest at Belmore Park in the Sydney CBD…


China protests the United States shooting down its balloon
A Chinese spy balloon has been shot down by the US military after flying over the country for five days. Beijing has called America’s strike an overreaction.
Strong Signals of Support for Liberal Democracy Abroad from Newly Elected Czech President
Petr Pavel’s first calls as president-elect included Ukraine’s Zelensky and Taiwan’s Tsai.
Berlin: Students should not call police on migrant sexual offenders | Free West Media
According to the student council of the Free University of Berlin (FU), women should not call the police when sexually harassed by migrants. Although an immigrant is alleged to have repeatedly sexually harassed women at the FU, the ASta student council warned against calling the police for help.

Business, Finance & Investment

The View | Shorting & Reporting in Emerging Economies: A closer look into the Adani short sell - Clime Investment Management
In this week’s episode of the View, John & Paul talk about the standard of reporting and accounting in emerging economies like India following the shorting of the Adani Group by Hindenburg Research, the sectors most likely to be affected by the increased cost of living, evaluation of the half year r…
U.S. credit card debt jumps 18.5% and hits a record $930.6 billion
Inflation and higher interest rates boosted credit card debt to a record $930.6 billion at the end of 2022, a 18.5% jump from a year earlier, TransUnion found.
More Recession Signs: Money Supply Growth Went Negative Again in December | Ryan McMaken
Money supply growth fell again in December, falling even further into negative territory after turning negative in November for the first time in twenty-eight years. December’s drop continues a steep downward trend from the unprecedented highs experienced during much of the past two years.


Pfizer: Sales Before Child Safety ⋆ Brownstone Institute
This case, and the apparent impunity that companies such as Pfizer appear to enjoy, serve as evidence that the system of oversight is hopelessly outdated.
A Lawyer Explains “The Myth of the Rule of Law” | The Libertarian Institute
https://youtu.be/ee4NHbDnd2U I refer to the myth of the rule of law because, to the extent that this phrase suggests a society in which all are governed by neutral rules that are objectively applied by judges, there is no such thing. As a myth, however, the concept of the rule of…
American Students -- Dumber and More Woke
Professors often complain about the current crop of students being less intellectually talented than when they began their careers decades back. Such griping is, of course, easy to dismiss -- it has occurred for millennia. Unfortunately, this time ar...

Crypto & Blockchain

Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya Says Markets Are Off to the Races As Fed Capitulates – Here’s His Outlook - The Daily Hodl
Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says the markets are likely to witness more bursts to the upside following the recent comments of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
London emerges as world’s most crypto-ready city for business — research
Following London, leading metropolitan cities such as Dubai and New York made it to the top three in the list.


Elon Musk Scores Major Legal Victory in Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Tweets
Elon Musk walked away a winner after a jury rejected an attempt to punish Musk over 2018 tweets about taking Tesla private.

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