Establishment Politics is Letting Us Down

With our politicians too timid to buck the zeitgeist, we are a long way from undergoing the political reform movement our nation desperately needs.

Establishment Politics is Letting Us Down
Photo by Social Estate / Unsplash

How often have we heard that the world is moving away from coal?

Those comments mostly come from voices associated with leftist politics or the rent-seeking business of renewable energy.

Both are in it for the money, and their utterings have nothing to do with saving the planet. It's all about filling their pockets.

That's why you don't hear them talking about China, where the lovely coal-fired power is used to create the toxic exports known as solar panels and wind farms.

I bet you won't hear much about this either.

The Indian government has just asked its power providers to place USD 33 billion in equipment orders this year to build coal-fired power plants.

There are reports that the government will use the new equipment to build 31 Gigawatts of coal-fired power plants over the next five years.

It's the most significant jump in Indian coal capacity in over a decade and sends a telling signal to catastrophists in the Western world.

You can take your net zero and stuff it in your collapsing wind turbines.

As the world's third largest electricity producer, this latest report dumps their recent National Electricity Plan in favour of reality.

Under the government's 2023-2027 National Electricity Plan, India will not build any new fossil fuel power plants in the utility sector aside from those currently under construction.
India saw its biggest power shortfall in 14 years in June. To avoid nighttime outages, it deferred planned plant maintenance and invoked an emergency clause mandating companies to run plants based on imported coal and power.

Nothing can replace the fossil fuel power needed to keep the lights on globally.

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