Dirty Double Standards

If it wasn't for double standards some of the pious lecturing elites wouldn't have any standards at all.

Dirty Double Standards

The global elites aren't like you and me.

They have rules for themselves and another set of rules for the rest of us.

We see the duality in almost every utterance on the 'great moral issues of our time'.

They'll preach diversity but live in gated communities. They'll push transparency while using opaque tax havens. They'll encourage minimal government intervention in business unless they stand to benefit from it.

But perhaps the most egregious charge of hypocrisy can be levelled at the elites preaching the climate change mantra the loudest.

You know the type.

These uber-wealthy planet savers flit off to Davos or some climate summit in their private jets. They have multiple mansions and myriad cars with which to drive to their diesel burning super yachts and cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.

It's an idyllic life particularly when you can lecture the rest of the world about cutting their carbon dioxide emissions back to zero to save the planet.

The only problem is that the richest 1% of humanity account for 16% of total CO2 emissions.

That's 30 times greater than what the 'science' they rely on, tells us is compatible with life on earth.

That fungible science target now demands every person on earth reduce their CO2 emissions to just 2.3 tonnes per annum. The rich currently spew out 70 tonnes per annum.

The poor, however that is defined, release a meagre one tonne of CO2 annually.

How you interpret this data depends on your viewpoint. From my perspective, this really confirms that to save the planet we need to make the world a poorer place.

I suspect the wealthy elites won't give up their homes and cars, planes and stink-boats. They'll keep chasing space travel for thrills and keep flying to Davos to talk about how much everyone else needs to change.

That means the rest of us are about to get done over.

The middle and aspirational class will wear the brunt of any curbs on industry, employment and innovation.

There's also the stark hypocrisy from governments.

While the dumbest of western nations rush to sign up to net zero, some are also promoting industries that are massive contributors to emissions, like space travel and cruise ship tourism.

It's a case of political sleight-of-hand.

Governments will make feel good announcements to claim are strengthening the economy while simultaneously committing to weaken our single greatest competitive industrial advantage - cheap and reliable electricity.

They do so in the hope you won't notice the contradictory messaging.

We are living through an unholy alliance between. big government and big business. They care only for more money and more power and there isn't a price they aren't willing for you to pay so they can get it.

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