Democrats Unfit for Office

The Democrats are repeating (and compounding) the campaign mistakes from four years ago.

Democrats Unfit for Office

The cognitive decline of the Democratic Party leadership can no longer be ignored.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are both unfit for office. It has nothing to do with their policy stances (as flawed as they ay be) but with their ability to do the job they are asking voters to entrust them with.

The pressure that is attached to leading a nation (whether as President or Prime Minister) is extraordinary. Some say it is almost  too much for any one individual. That is doubly so when the nation is the effective leader of the free world.

Questions have been asked for months about the mental acuity of Biden and Pelosi after a string of gaffes. Actually, the lack of questions posed by major media outlets, who are busily cheering on anyone other than Donald Trump, is more notable.  The proper role of political journalists has been left to a few online pundits and the US based Fox News.

Consider for yourself whether these two are up to the task.

Joe Biden claiming 200 million people will minutes to come!

Nancy Pelosi confirms she thinks she knows what day it is.

Biden's breathlessness is a cause for concern

Of course there are many more clips that could be shown.  Many relate to Biden and his unwillingness to even respond to reporter's questions. The few questions he has answered have been carefully scripted. The chosen journalist is pre-arranged and Biden reads the answer from an autocue.

Sometimes he can't even get that right as the clip below demonstrates.

Before he can answer he tells his prompter people to 'move it up here'.

None of this augurs well for the USA or the world if the Democratic team happen to win the Presidential election. That danger would be compounded should they win a House and Senate majority.

I am still forecasting a Trump win because I do believe the American people will see through the partisanship and realise that in a two horse race, no matter how flawed one candidate may be, if the other is not even capable of running, there should only be one winner.

Four years ago I said it was the Democratic Party's choice of candidate that cruelled their chances. It was my view then (and remains so today) that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump.

Bernie was an outsider while Clinton was the ultimate insider. Polls showed the majority of young people in the USA prefer socialism over capitalism. Sander's class warfare would have resonated with many marginalised voters. Instead, they chose Trump because he promised to shake up the system.

The Democrats have compounded their original mistake once again. Once again they have chosen an establishment figure to represent them. Last time their candidates own conduct indicated she wasn't fit for office, this time they have selected one who is clearly not actually capable of doing the job.

I had to add this Biden disaster video post publication

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