Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiosity apparently killed the cat. The lack of it may be what kills conservatives.

Curiouser and Curiouser

I don't mean literal death but the metaphorical death of conservative ideals.

It is no secret that most of the media and public service, non government organisations and activists have a barely concealed disdain for conservative views. The do everything to suppress them through mockery, deplatforming or simply telling lies about them.

They have a collective agenda for the world and it doesn't include the traditional freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed.

Consider for a moment the scandal attached to Hunter Biden - son of the likely next US President.

The evidence that the Biden family has been up to their neck in corruption and cash for access schemes is barely deniable. The evidence is there for all who want to see it because the troubled Hunter left a laptop in for service and failed to pick it up.

The laptop was given to the FBI over a year ago who failed to really investigate the troubling material. When it was brought to public light by member's of the Trump team - because it clearly implicated Joe Biden in corrupt practices, it was denied by the mainstream media.

Digital media companies refused to allow sharing of the facts claiming it was fabricated. CNN chose not to run it because it was potentially damaging to the the Biden Presidential campaign. Others followed suit.

When it was raised by others, the democrat media shills then claimed it was Russian misinformation. They even claimed that over fifty 'intelligence' agents supported that claim.

Take a look back at just some of the Media lies covering for Biden.

It was all nonsense. They were simply lying to protect one of the most crooked political scandals in history. One after another, supposedly respected journalists said there was nothing to see and no evidence of wrong doing.  

They ignored the crack smoking videos, the inappropriate relationship with an underage family member allegations, the unexplained billions flowing into the Biden family coffers and the eyewitness accounts.

Move along...nothing to see here

Now the last vestige of  these effete journalists credibility is completely shredded.

Hunter Biden himself has confirmed he is under investigation for 'tax offences'. That must be code for a whole bunch of disreputable and illegal activities.

What the media (and others) have denied for so long is suddenly a story. Perhaps you wonder why?

Here's my theory. The progressive juggernaut have their patsy (the big guy...aka Joe Biden) a heartbeat away from the White House. Once he's sworn in, the process of tearing him down will gather pace. It's already started but these are just baby steps.

You see the real goal is a far more radical agenda than even the compromised Biden would allow. That's why they need to move him along and install the extreme Kamala Harris. She'll fully embrace the Great Reset and the socialist agenda of the elites.

That's the only plausible reason I can see why the Biden scandal is suddenly resurfacing. Prior to the election the media only asked Biden about his ice cream tastes, now they are throwing him questions about his son as he scurries away.

The left are now determined to eat one of their own. They've started on Biden and will soon turn to others that may not be fully on board their agenda.

Those who think like this will naturally be accused of being conspiracy theorists and tin-foil hat wearers. However, there is more than enough evidence available to see the lies and the agenda in full.

The election irregularities, the WEF Klaus Schwab agenda, the corruption cover-up and the denial of truth are all independently alarming. Together they are downright frightful. This is a very dangerous time for all people, not just conservatives.

The wolf often comes in sheep's clothing (that's the symbol of the Fabian Society) and the promises of this new socialist wave will prove as disastrous as every previous one.

Fabian Society - Wikipedia

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