Common Sense Suspended for Equality

The problem with common sense is that it isn’t common. The evidence that millions suspend critical thought in favour of ‘going with the flow’ is abundant. Unfortunately, the ‘flow’ often becomes a torrent from which it is hard to escape.

Regrettably, on too many occasions political leaders also suspend common sense in the face of political correctness and find themselves carried far from reality.

In case you need further evidence that common sense really has vacated the political arena in favour of the PC agenda, consider the new Equality Act 2010 just introduced in the United Kingdom.

Originally proposed by Labour, it became law on October 1 under a Conservative government. Such bi-partisan agreement suggests that neither party have any sense whatsoever.

The Equality Act 2010 aims to end workplace discrimination but in doing so, takes the cult of victim-hood to new levels.

Consider for a moment the following.

Employers can now be sued if an employee takes offence to a joke or banter in the work environment, even if it’s not directed at them. That means a shop assistant could sue their boss if a customer says something unpleasant in the store!

There is also a ‘Discrimination by Association’ clause. This is where an employee can claim to be a victim of discrimination on the basis of the people they associate with.

Incredibly, when making a complaint under this section, the employee doesn’t need to provide any evidence as the onus is on the employer to prove this was not the case!

In other words, the employer is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Employees also have the right to know what every other employee is earning. No doubt those earning less than their peers will claim discrimination without considering their own work performance or ability.

Under the Act, in an attempt to make everyone equal, all life choices are deemed to have the same protections as religious belief but, like something straight from Orwell’s Animal Farm, some people are more equal than others.

You can be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the disabled or infirm might be in this category but you would be wrong. Under the Act, Gypsies benefit from a form of ‘affirmative action’ to make up for the ‘many social-economic disadvantages they face’.

If the impact of this clause is anything like what has happened in other places around the world, the ‘traveller’ will be the fastest growing racial classification in the UK for decades to come!

Quite rightly, employer groups and anyone else prepared to exercise some common sense is incredulous that such legislation can be introduced in a country like England.

It is not hard to imagine the trumped up discrimination claims that will emerge from those playing the system in an attempt to line their own pockets. Perhaps the most spurious of these claims will fail but the cost of defending even the most ridiculous means that a quick payout will often be a cheaper option.

When first told of these changes, one could be excused for thinking that they were an inter-office joke doing the rounds. If only that were the case.

Unfortunately for the English, under the Equality Act 2010, the office joke has been banned. It would appear that common sense has been too.

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