Choices Have Very Real Consequences

Choices Have Very Real Consequences

As the nation took a break for the Easter weekend, the international Jihadists caused more carnage; this time targeting worshippers in Sri Lanka.

With hundreds killed I was not surprised by the lack of comment from the civilisation-hating, anti-Christian Greens party and their ilk in the media.

I didn’t hear their whiny voices blaming hate speech from within the Islamic community nor the reprehensible deeds of Mohammed who is considered the model example for all Muslims.

A few weeks ago, these weak souls couldn’t reach a microphone fast enough to blame ‘us’ for the actions of a deranged lunatic who had spent scarcely a month in Australia over the last three years.

Now they choose to ignore the actions of psycho Islamists pursuing a backwards and hate-filled agenda that emanates from their medieval teachings.

Sure, the carnage happened in a land far away but these pick-and-choose outrage activists just disappear when the problem doesn’t suit their anti-West agenda.

And their agenda is a dangerous one.

Their magic pudding economics will send us broke. Their electricity policy will send us back to the dark ages. Their immigration policy will essentially open our borders. Their business policy will destroy our economy. Their PC agenda will destroy freedom of speech and their education policy will produce political automatons rather than rational and considered thinkers.

Alarmingly, these fringe dwellers could hold the balance of power in the next parliament and implement their warped agenda. Australia simply can’t afford for that to happen.

I expect that most readers of this blog wouldn’t be silly enough to vote Green but I also know many want to take out an insurance policy to protect them from poor government decisions.

That is best done in the Senate but the choices have very real consequences.

The past three years has seen some minor party Senators sell-out for the baubles of politics.

We have seen some parties vote for policies they have spent years publicly campaigning against because they have been bewitched by the government spin doctors.

Despite the rhetoric, it’s clear too many elected to look after your interests really don’t believe in anything.

That was apparent to me years ago and it led me to start the Australian Conservatives. Our Senate candidates are all highly principled, motivated by prudent policy and looking after the interests of our country and our people.

Such an approach doesn’t grab the headlines but it is surprising how many others grab our policy agenda and claim it as their own.

While that is flattering, it leads to one big problem. These policy magpies are simply demonstrating that they are unable to apply the common sense and credibility filter themselves.

It reminds me of the sage words of my year eight school teacher “if you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything.”

Just as Australia can’t afford to give the balance of power in the Senate to the intransigence of the Greens, nor can we afford to entrust it to the unprincipled opportunists.

That’s why, for the sake of the nation, we need the Australian Conservatives to prevail. They are the only Party dedicated to bringing back common sense to Canberra.

Things that make you go Hmm…

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The political climate is heating up, with another fine mess and Labour livid at levy leaks. They went bonkers for bonnets in New York’s Easter parade which was eggxactly the same bar the price, as the Bavarians banned their balls.

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