Broken records

Broken records

Parliament has resumed for the Spring session and one could be forgiven for thinking that although time has passed, nothing has changed.

Instead of discussing the immoral intergenerational national debt levels or the electricity affordability crisis, the need for immigration reform or bursting the Canberra bubble, it seems everyone has been fixated on redefining marriage.

Well, not everyone. Australian Conservatives believe there are more important things for the parliament to debate. However we can’t always set the national agenda which is why I was proud to formally receive a petition of 55,000 Australians asking for the public to have their say before the parliament decides the future of marriage. It is important that both sides of any debate are afforded representation and for too long, those who support the traditional definition of marriage have been marginalised by pejorative slurs.

This morning the Senate blocked a formal plebiscite of all Australians on this issue so the government will be proceeding with a ‘postal plebiscite’. It’s nowhere near the perfect solution but it will provide an outlet for interested Australians to have their say. For what it’s worth, I will be doing what I can to support the ‘No’ case in the weeks ahead. It’s something I spoke about in my maiden speech to the parliament and my views on maintaining marriage haven’t changed in the past eleven years.

Something that has changed, though, is the Australian Conservatives website.  It’s good news for our members and supporters as it coincides with the release of our first suite of formal policy positions. We have also equipped our members-only website area with new options to support member engagement.  For those who have requested it we have also provided a Paypal payment option for memberships and donations.  There is much more to come including a merchandise store, member voting section and advocacy tools.

The website will also be the only forum for members to view the live-stream of our AGM this weekend so be sure to login and check it out today. Simply go to and have a browse.

For many committed conservatives it may seem that there is a never-ending battle to keep ahead of our opponents – and they are right. We have to constantly engage in the battle of ideas and demonstrate that the Australian Conservatives way is a better way.

Pictured: a photo of Senator Cory Bernardi receiving the petition from Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby

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