Biden Family Corruption

US President Joe Biden, along with some family members, is embroiled in a “massive corruption scandal.” It's just the legacy media won't tell you about it.

Biden Family Corruption

You wouldn’t know it from the Australian media, but the political leader of our closest and most important ally is embroiled in a massive corruption scandal.

US President Joe Biden and his family are now facing calls to explain the millions of dollars from foreign nationals that found its way into their bank accounts.

There are also revealing text messages demanding payments from Chinese communist party operatives and whistleblowers exposing a network of payments for policy under the stewardship of the Biden family.

These make a mockery of Biden’s claims never to have discussed business with his perverted crackhead son, Hunter.

While few in the media want to take this seriously, it is notable that the US house of representatives voted this week to send articles of impeachment against Biden to the appropriate committee.

Now we know that the impeachment process can and has been used solely for political purposes but the evidence against Joe Biden and his family, and the cover up of that evidence by the FBI and Department of Justice cannot be ignored.

And yet it largely is.

So why is this important to us?

We’ll America is our largest and strongest ally. We rely on them for our national defence and their status on the world stage matters to us.

So instead of the world media highlighting the true crisis engulfing America’s politics, legal institutions and first family, we’ve been consumed with a failed submarine and a contrived and failed 24 hour 'coup' in Russia.

Both notable events but hardly more newsworthy of the crookedness and corruption evident in the land of the free.  

There is something truly rotten going on in the world and unfortunately, it’s not what we are being directed to look at or be consumed with.

When the establishment say look over there, it’s because there’s something they desperately don’t want you to see much closer to home.

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