Bankrupt You

ESG cannot replicate the profit motive for large companies. Here's your daily news digest for 20 March 2023.

Bankrupt You
Photo by Jp Valery / Unsplash
ESG Will Bankrupt You — Financially and Morally
Do you believe in cautionary tales or think most things happen without warning? Your answer might reveal how your psyche processes information to which you are exposed. Everything you need to make good decisions is readily available, depe…


Voice to Parliament named as reason for Labor victory in remote NT by-election
Labor’s Manuel Brown made his first public appearance in Darwin following last night’s Arafura by-election victory.
New SEC A Dependable Source Of Cheap Politics
Households and industry in Victoria are being conned by the Andrews government’s use of the name State Electricity Commission for what is, in reality, little more than a slush fund to prop up otherwise unviable wind energy projects.
To win, the Liberals must destroy the climate cult | The Spectator Australia
Scrolling through Instragram, I came across a likable North Shore member running for the New South Wales state election. He’s the epitome of an endangered blue-ribbon Liberal – a family-oriented…


RAW EGG NATIONALIST: The World Has a Plastic Problem, as New Study Into ‘Plasticosis’ Disease Reveals.
“Plasticosis” is the name a group of scientists have given to the damage caused by ingestion of plastics. The research these scientists carried out is based on seabirds, but has clear implications for other animals, including us. It has been estimated that humans may now be consuming as much as a cr…
Germany Lurches Toward Schism - The American Conservative
State of the Union: Pope Francis has said he doesn’t fear schism. He may have one on his hands.
Britons facing ‘disastrous decade’ – report
The outlook for UK living standards remains grim, with incomes projected to be lower by the end of the decade, a study concludes

Business, Finance & Investment

US midsize banks seek FDIC Insurance on ‘all deposits’ for 2 years: Report
According to a March 18 Bloomberg report, the Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America (MBCA) has asked regulators to extend insurance on all deposits for the next two years, arguing that it would “immediately halt the exodus” of deposits from smaller banks.
A Stealth Wealth Case Study On What Not To Do To Blend In
As the economy goes down the tubes thanks to a Fed-induced recession, anger against anybody who is perceived to have more wealth or success will go up. As a result, it’s important to practice Stealth Wealth to stay safe and happy. I know anger has increased since the bear market began because I run…
Credit Chaos
Following the day-to-day twists and turns of a banking crisis can make us lose sight of the bigger picture.


Air Pollution: A Global Health Threat
Air pollution is the greatest environmental health hazard to humankind, leading to over six million deaths a year and an economic cost that equates to over $8 trillion dollars…
How Woke is Destroying Western Civilization: Promoting Mediocrity for Financial Gain
How Woke is Destroying Western Civilization: Promoting Mediocrity for Financial Gain. By El Gato Malo. One of the most ineffacable truisms of organizational structure is this: A’s hire A’s and B’s …
The true Left is not woke
Progressive activists have forgotten their intellectual roots

Crypto & Blockchain

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Trader Who Flawlessly Navigated Bitcoin’s Resurgence Issues Alert, Says BTC Price Target Has Dramatically Changed - The Daily Hodl
An analyst who has been seemingly unstoppable since calling Bitcoin’s bottom at $16,000 just issued a big update to fellow traders.
Former Coinbase CTO Places $2 Million Bet That Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million In 90 Days |
Balaji Srinivasan, a former CTO of Coinbase, has placed a $2 million bet that Bitcoin would hit the $1 million price mark in 90 days. This bet was in response


Defiant Trump Gets Standing Ovation at Wrestling Event, Appears Unfazed by Possible Indictment
Donald Trump doesn’t seem too worried about NYC DA’s probable indictment next week—probably because it’s a ‘pathetic’ case.

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