Autocratic Green Zealots

As the financial and cultural storm clouds gather, we're very fortunate to have the WEF and compliant governments who care so much about us.

Autocratic Green Zealots
Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash

Did you ever see the original version of the movie Point Break - that’s the surfer film with Patrick Swayze?

I’m showing my age now, but the show ends with the star trying to surf a wave generated by a once in 50 year storm. The presumption is that he dies trying.

I think we are about to enter our own point break moment. The storm clouds are gathering and it looks like we are set for a torrid time.

On almost every front we see enormous challenges.

Financially, the world has never been in so much debt as it is today. For years we were told by economic ignoramuses that it didn’t matter.

Governments could print as much money as they needed to in order to repay the debt.

Anyone with any basic knowledge of history knows how the money printing eventually turns out. It always ends up with an inflation problem because there is too much cash chasing too few goods.

This time the inflation happened first in the financial markets - creating an everything bubble. Stocks, real estate, commodities, bonds…you couldn’t help but make money.

And the more you borrowed at 1 or 2 percent interest to pump into these markets, the more money you made.

That’s all great while the music keeps playing but when it stops, a lot of people find themselves without a chair, or a house or a business or much of anything at all.

Maybe that’s what the World Economic Forum (WEF) mean as they keep telling us their dream for 2030 is that you'll own nothing and be happy.

But there isn’t much to be happy about right now.

As well as financial challenges, we’ve also got territorial ones.

The speech this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin was chilling and suggests an escalation in the Ukraine Russia conflict.

Without being too alarmist, this situation could easily become a global war pitting Western forces against an alliance of Russia, China, Iran and others. In other words, World War 3.

I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that but have to say that few of those involved in this high stakes diplomatic game appear to have any interest in minimising the conflict.

It all serves as a magnificent distraction for the masses and helps deflect blame for domestic problems onto foreign actors.

Plus, there are plenty of people making piles of money along the way.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years of trying to truly understand the what and why of significant events, is that it usually pays to follow the money.

And while we have all been focussed on global events - like the death of Queen Elizabeth 2 - the globalists at the WEF have been busy weaving their web of control.

In that respect they never stop trying to exert more control over your life.

We all know about their Great Reset plans, we’ve covered them extensively on this show. It’s all about reinventing capitalism to suit their ‘rule by the elite agenda’. They want us eating bugs, building wind turbines and not owning cars; or anything else actually.

The WEF are key backers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and why wouldn’t they be. These are state controlled money in which every transaction can be tracked; forever.

They can even be programmed to prevent them being spent on the ‘wrong thing’.

Yes that's right. The reason governments are rushing to CBDCs is because it will give them more control over your money. What a surprise!

Of course, you can be reassured that this power will never be misused. No one will ever prevent you from buying more alcohol, fast food or other nominated evils….say like meat.

You can always trust your government and their guiding lights at the WEF to never, ever, ever enact this communist like social credit system on any of us.

They’ve all learned their lesson from the lockdowns, the papers please society, the vaccine mandates and the business shutdowns and now know never to do the same again.

Unless, and yes there is always an exception to these government absolutes. So they will never misuse their powers unless it is actually good for us and they deem it necessary to do so.

That’s why it is so encouraging to know these wise and benevolent wizards  are developing  personal carbon footprint trackers to help keep us all accountable for saving the planet.

Earlier this year, at the WEF gathering of elite hypocrites in Davos, the President of Chinese tech firm Alibaba said:

We’re developing through technology an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint,” What does that mean?”

Where are they traveling, how are they traveling, what are they eating, what are they consuming on the platform,”

Isn’t that wonderful?

We’ll all be able to play our part in saving the planet by having big tech, big government and big brother monitoring everything we do and use.

But it won’t just be about the planet. They’ll be saving us too.

Once they know what you are doing and consuming, these benevolent overlords will be able to help us avoid those pesky problems that make life so awful.

Obesity will be a thing of the past when your dessert desires are limited. So too will alcoholism, once they start to ration personal daily consumption to keep it to a safe level.

According to the advocates of social credits and CBDCs, the list of benefits is virtually endless.

We should all be jumping for joy at this advanced development.

Certainly the leaders of the western world have embraced the opportunity. So many of them are WEF alumni and committed to building back better.

They all obeyed the pandemic provisions to keep us safe and they all seem to embrace the green dream of net zero by 2050.

But that’s only the leaders in the Western world. Other world leaders, like President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China, don’t seem quite so keen on complying with the global governance goals of the WEF.

Some could say, they are thorns in the side of the globalist agenda.

That may explain why Joe Biden has repeatedly pushed for regime change in Russia. If that happens I suspect it will only be a matter of time before they push for the same in China too.

After all, they are the last two significant barnacles on the global ship being captained by the autocratic green zealots of the World Economic Forum.

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