Australia is Falling Behind

The acceptance of 'Gender Affirming Care' for children is a discredited medical process being rapidly abandoned by other nations because it often makes things worse.

Australia is Falling Behind
Photo by Caleb / Unsplash

Last night on my Sky News program, I interviewed a former Professor of Psychology who is now in private practice.

The subject was 'gender-affirming care' (GAC) for children.

It's a benign-sounding term that is anything but harmless.

Some would argue it is among the most irresponsible medical practice ever to enter mainstream medical orthodoxy.

In essence, GAC is immediately accepting a child's identity change and then giving them puberty blockers and hormones until they are ultimately medically mutilated through surgery.

Even if they don't undergo the multiple operations, many of the impacts of the earlier medication are irreversible and sometimes create lifelong problems.

This is particularly the case where the changee wants to de-transition when they realise it was all a monumental mistake.

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