It can be hard to put into words what ANZAC Day means to so many of us.

ANZAC Day is perhaps the most revered of all our national occasions. It commemorates all our military personnel whilst reminding the rest of us of the sacrifice they are prepared to make in our service. It reminds us all that families suffer unimaginable losses stoically and that individuals endure frightful conditions without rancour.

As a person with no military experience, I feel bound by gratitude by those who have served – and do serve – in defence of our nation. As a father, I cannot help but reflect that in battles past, the fighting men were often younger than my own sons. They showed extraordinary courage, patriotism and service in support of our freedom.

The poignancy of the dawn service and the pride of the ANZAC Day parades provides an annual reflection of what it means to be a part of this great country, without the emblazoned cultural patriotism so evident on some other occasions.

It’s a day that unites men and women, young and old in solidarity as Australians, humbled by those who have gone before and done great deeds in service of our nation.

In turn, we remain indebted to our service personnel and their families. We owe them the respect and support worthy of their service.

For too long, too many have ignored the vital support necessary to ensure the ongoing well-being of our veterans. We can never forget that our combat veterans have been prepared to sacrifice their lives for our country. This should be recognised in service and post-service support and assistance, including medical care, rehabilitation and transition to civilian life.

Families of those wounded or lost in action must similarly be given the appropriate care and support to cope with the physical, financial and emotional challenges they face. ANZAC Day lets us all see those challenges etched on the faces and reflected in the emotions of the men and women marching, together with those paying homage along the streets and at the memorials. We stand at the memorials and applaud the parades at the same vantage points that generations past honoured loved ones and heroes who have made sacrifices for our country, if not the ultimate sacrifice.

Many people dream of receiving a large inheritance at some point in their lives. Today is a day when we can all appreciate the inheritance we have all received simply by being Australian. That inheritance has been provided by the men and women we honour on ANZAC Day.

Lest we forget.

Things that make you go Hmm…

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