Stocks & The US Dollar Gain on 'Good' News; but Bitcoin, Bullion, & Black Gold Sink on Reduced Rate-Cut Expectations


ASX 200 futs down 14 pts

Overnight - Philly Fed beat, jobless claims beat, PMIs beat... but with soaring prices, Leading Indicators beat, and existing home sales beat... all good news...

That's good news that reduced expectations for rate-cuts in 2024...

US Stocks extended yesterday's gains on the good news... but Nasdaq was hit during the day on the heels of the AAPL news...

Source: MarketWatch

The Dow Jones Index is just 219 pts away from crossing 40,000 pts!

AAPL was clubbed like a baby seal on the regulatory crackdown...dn 4% and this kept dead weight on the NASDAQ

USD bounced so AUD lower and it was 3rd day in a row of BTC OUTFLOWS!

Source: Bloomberg

...and the crypto-currency was sold overnight...

Gold and Oil also when the same way as Bitcoin - down!

Lastly, which comes first: Nasdaq 17,000 or 10Y 4.0%???

Source: Bloomberg

...before or after the Presidential election?

Happy Friday!

Have a good weekend!

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