An Investment Hunch

With a record start to the year, what's next for financial markets? Here's my take on where we might be headed.

An Investment Hunch
Photo by Gilly / Unsplash

The last month has unleashed a remarkable rally on most investment markets.

Large capitalisation stocks in the United States were up 6.2% while the ASX 200 climbed to record highs with a 7.64% monthly gain.

Even the Bitcoin critics have had to bite their tongues as the cryptocurrency enjoyed a near 40% gain for January.

Notwithstanding the volatility, it's still the best performing asset in the world over the past decade.

Overall, the performance thus far in 2023 has vindicated our dollar cost averaging strategy during the previous months.

However, I wouldn't be breaking out the champagne in anticipation of a sustained rally just yet.

It's time to manage some expectations.

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