America's Woke Future

A Biden - Harris administration will surrender America’s influence in the world. That has implications for Australia.

America's Woke Future

The next 24 hours will help define Australia’s future.

That’s because there are two important political events taking place in America.

The first is the Georgia senate runoff election where two senate seats are up for grabs. If the Democrats happen to win both of these, the US senate will stand at 50 seats for each of the major parties.

In any tied Senate ballot, that will leave the Vice President with the casting vote.

The next important event takes place when the electoral college votes from the November 3 election are counted  and the next President of the United States is officially chosen.

Now there are all sorts of stories floating around about how the process works and what happens when competing sets of electoral votes are presented to the chamber.

Frankly, I am not sure how much stock you can put in most of that information but it is almost a certainty that the Biden-Harris ticket will be endorsed.

I don’t want that to be the case and I don’t think it should be the case but it is the most likely outcome.

So why are these two things important for Australia.

Firstly, America is our greatest ally and the only one with enough might to support us in our stand against the Chinese communists.

Under President Trump, we knew exactly where we stood because he refused to be an apologist for the rogue nation.

Nobody did more to expose the Chinese duplicity & dishonesty than President Trump.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been closely linked to a cascade of communist party cash through his sons cash for access business. It remains to be seen if he re-adopts the Obama administration policy of appeasement  or puts America’s interests first.

The second area of interest is the radical ideas of likely Vice President Kamala Harris. It’s no secret that her voting record means she is considered  the most left leaning of all US senators.

Harris is one of the architects of the Green New deal and has a history of embellishing the truth. Just yesterday it was revealed her childhood tales were ‘adopted’ from the anecdotes of martin Luther King.

Untroubled by truth, Harris will wield enormous power in the frail Biden’s presidency. If the democrats have an equal number in the senate, she will also have the decisive vote there.

In that event, every radical plan the democrats put forward has a chance of passing both houses and becoming law. That may mean wealth taxes, less border protection, mass release of criminals from jails, radical immigration reform, greater bureaucracy and bigger government.

America’s influence in the world would no longer be measured by military strength, innovation or by lady liberty.

Instead it will be relegated to being the high priestess of wokeness and Australia would find it very hard to resist following in her footsteps.

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