All Lives Matter

President Trump’s ‘great sin’ to the Left was ‘creating more minority jobs’ than Obama.

All Lives Matter
President Trump’s ‘great sin’ to the Left was ‘creating more minority jobs’ than Obama

Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi says a society which “turns on itself” is only one which can be “rebuilt by elites into their socialist dream” as the “madness and delusions of crowds” take hold across the world. More:

Geplaatst door Sky News Australia op Zondag 7 juni 2020
The ant-Trump movement is behind civil unrest in the United States 

Events this week only confirm that the greatest contagion is the madness and delusions of of crowds.

The unthinking mob have now simply become  marionettes of the left political agenda.

I get that people hated to see an accused criminal and drug user die unnecessarily while being detained by police, but only the dumb, the desperate and the dirty would use that to justify the lawlessness of this week.

Black Lives Matter is just the latest excuse for an assortment of losers to go on the rampage.

We’ve seen it with Occupy Wall Street, Extinction Rebellion and Antifa to name only a few.

All these ’movements’ are just a collective of anarchists and Marxist  looking for any excuse to push their agenda.

In the USA it’s the anti-Trumpers on the rampage and a death in custody is their latest rationale..

President Trumps great sin to have actually created more jobs for minorities than the his predecessor and great black hope Barack Obama.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of the mob’s opinion.

In America black people commit 45x more violent assaults than whites do against blacks.

Here’s another inconvenient truth.

For every 10,000 black people arrested for violent crime, 3 are killed by police.

For every 10,000 white people arrested for violent crime, 4 are killed by police.

So it’s got nothing to do with black lives or any other lives.

Lefties don’t care about life. Their role models are Stalin & Mao after all.

The political left empowers victim culture and injustice because it creates more power for the state. It simply uses people to further their agenda no matter what the societal or personal cost.

In recent years, they have targeted all authority - but particularly police - as a source of perceived injustice, turning the mob against those tasked with protecting them.

A society that turns on itself is one that can be rebuilt by the elites into their socialist dream. That’s what this craziness is all about.

The problem isn’t oppression of any race creed or colour it is simply that the stupid have been manipulated into rebellion against the only system that can truly empower them.

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