Against the Grain

Switzerland doesn't ignore the facts. Here's your daily news digest for 11 April 2023.

Against the Grain
Photo by Polina Rytova / Unsplash
Switzerland Stops Recommending COVID-19 Vaccination
“Nearly everyone in Switzerland has been vaccinated and/or contracted and recovered from COVID-19....”


Faith No More? The inadequacy of Australia’s protections for religious freedom - The Centre for Independent Studies
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is inextricably connected to the freedoms of expression, assembly, association, and a range of …
Australia: Voice will create co-government and cause policy chaos
Australia: Voice will create co-government and cause policy chaos. By Janet Albrechtsen. The Prime Minister plainly misunderstands the legal impact of his proposed wording … Anthony Albanese …
Media companies slam proposed reforms to Australian privacy laws
Coalition of organisations says changes would have ‘devastating impact on press freedom’ and are not in public interest


US ‘open’ to deploying troops in Taiwan – lawmaker
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has told Fox News that he would be “open” to using the American military to defend Taiwan
No Money, No Nukes: Time to Bankrupt China’s Regime
America can stop China’s nuclear weapons development and other monumental programs. The Chinese Communist Party needs America for, among other things, money, and the U.S. does not have to provide it. In reality, China’s economy in 2022, after price
France’s Macron Humiliates Biden, Snubbing U.S. On China and Taiwan.
Tensions between the United States and China over Taiwan have been reaching breaking-point in the past week.

Business, Finance & Investment

Europe Must Reduce Reliance on US Dollar, Says French President Emmanuel Macron - The Daily Hodl
French President Emmanuel Macron says all of Europe should focus on lowering its dependence on the US dollar.
Generational Wealth And The Angst Of The Not Rich Enough Class
Have you ever wondered why there is so much angst and anxiety from some high-income earning households that seem to have it all? Based on my years of research, the three main reasons are: 1) never-ending comparison, 2) a lack of generational wealth, and 3) having children. Generational wealth is nex…
Opinion | You Don’t Need a Banking Crisis for a Financial Meltdown
Post-2008 regulations may save us from a bank panic. The danger is every other financial institution.


Comatose People to be Declared Dead for Use as Organ Donors
The law that redefined death in 1981, referred to as the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA), is being revised. The UDDA states that death by neurologic criteria must consist of
Globetrotting green elites are a threat to democracy
A new superclass of eco-globalists is making life miserable for the rest of us.
California Bill Would Require Schools to Notify Parents of Gender Changes
A bill in the California State Assembly would require schools to alert parents if their child identifies as a different gender.

Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin and Altcoin Implosion Amid Incoming Recession and Stock Market Collapse - The Daily Hodl
A closely followed crypto analyst is predicting an implosion for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins as he believes that a recession and a stock market collapse are on the horizon.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Eye 27594 - 10 April 2023
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) awaited fresh technical guidance early in the Asian session as the pair worked to remain above the 28014.86 area, representing the 38.2% retracement of


Setting America Back on Its Heels
In 2017, World Wrestling Entertainment boss Vince McMahon accompanied his family to the White House for a celebration. The clan’s matriarch, Linda, had just been confirmed to serve in President Trump’s cabinet. Vince, Linda, daughter Stephanie and her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque, son Shane and…

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