Activism for Conservatives? CANdo

For several years now I have heard right-leaning political types ask “Where is our version of GetUp!?”

Many of you will know that GetUp! is a lefty activist organisation that runs campaigns under the guise of independence. While they claim to be independent, they receive massive funding from the union movement and somehow always favour the Labor Party and the Greens when it comes to elections.

Indeed, their very notion of independence has now been raised with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) by Senate Opposition Leader Eric Abetz. He has asked the AEC to have GetUp! declared an ‘associated entity’ of the Greens and/or Labor which, if upheld, would remove the independence label.

However, whatever criticisms may be levelled at them, one has to admit they have been effective in gaining hundreds of thousands of supporters and raising millions of dollars for their campaigns.

Despite the years of voicing their concerns it appears that the conservatives are still at the starting blocks. We continue to rely on the strength and correctness of our arguments to persuade the general public that our position is the right one. Having met with considerable success in countering the left agenda with this approach, one could be forgiven for expecting continued success.

Unfortunately the battle ground has changed. The left activists are extremely well coordinated in putting their case and dominating the media, punching way above their level of public support.

The fact that the country is taking a rapid lurch to the left as a result of the Labor/Green alliance suggests that the conservatives need a fresh approach.

That’s why I created CANdo – Australia’s first Conservative Action Network.

CANdo takes the campaign theme pioneered by the left and combines it with the free ranging grassroots activism of the American Tea Party Movement.

It is built around a social networking platform that will be familiar to many readers. CANdo even links in with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Within CANdo, each member receives their own personal page as part of the CANdo network. Members can also create groups built around an issue they feel strongly about or a campaign they would like other members to support.

Thus like-minded people can get together, swap ideas and information and take coordinated action.

While CANdo was only launched on Wednesday 13 October, it has already attracted hundreds of members and has established a strong platform for future growth.

CANdo is entirely driven by grassroots volunteers who are committed to making a difference to the future direction of Australia. Clearly its ultimate success will remain to be seen but no longer can conservatives ask ‘where is our online grassroots answer to the left?’

If you haven’t already done so please check out CANdo. It’s your voice – the voice of mainstream Australia.

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