A Terrible Policy for Australia

The Voice deserves to fail and frankly, it should take down the political careers of those who are trying to foist it upon us

A Terrible Policy for Australia
Photo by Photoholgic / Unsplash

Here’s a quick reminder of why you need to Vote No to the voice.

Former High Court Chief Justice Robert French, a voice supporter advised the YES team to cool it.

“Although people who put up certain views on the other side might infur­iate you, the moment you engage in sledging … the message that is coming across is simply conflict.” 

French advocated that Yes campaigners should focus on explain­ing how the voice would work “without nailing yourself down to details”.

The Yes campaign have always been about sledging those who don’t share their views. At various times they have claimed opposition is divisive, racist or worse. 

They have introduced a divisive and racist proposal and yet dare to label others with those slurs.

Then there’s French’s other advice - explain how the voice will work without any details. 

That sounds like a non explanation of a nefarious concept to me.

In this respect the hopeless minister in charge, Linda Burney has proved most adept. 

She has repeatedly demonstrated no idea about how the voice will work. She contradicts herself as to what their remit will or will not be. It’s safe to say she doesn’t have a clue… and she’s the minister in charge. 

The Voice is one of the worst things ever proposed for this country.

It deserves to fail and it should take down the political careers of those who foist it upon us.

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