A Taste of Things to Come

This year has given us all a taste of what the climate-change zealots need for us (not) to do in order to comply with their demands.

A Taste of Things to Come

The collapse in the Australian economy due to Covid-19 has put Australia on track to meet the Paris climate goals.

The latest data to June 202o show Australian carbon-dioxide emissions dropped by 10.9 m tonnes. It took our annual reduction to somewhere near where we need to be to comply with the United Nations demands.

This should give us a taste of what the UN has in store for us. We've only needed to virtually eliminate air travel, suspend business, accrue massive government debt and lock down the population to be good corporate citizens.

Graphic from SMH.com.au

Electricity supplies declined by 4.5%, aviation fuel down 80% and road fuel down 6.5%.

Despite the selfless sacrifice on behalf of Australians, global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration rose past 400 ppm.

It just goes to show how nothing we do will make the slightest bit of difference - except to diminish the quality of our lives. It is impossible for Australia to affect the global climate and anyone that says we can is ignorant of science or being dishonest.

Giving up our economic potential to earn a tick of approval from the pedants and hypocrites at the United Nations is madness.

Good (and effective) environmental policies are not the same as futile climate change policies. The former can make a positive difference to our lives while the latter is an indulgence of the brainwashed anti-capitalists.

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