A Sham COVID Inquiry

The promised inquiry into the COVID fiasco is as disgraceful as the 'science' that was allegedly informing health decisions. The government is afraid the truth will come out.

A Sham COVID Inquiry
Photo by visuals / Unsplash

Our federal government is rapidly becoming what its predecessors managed to achieve - becoming the punchline in a bad joke. 

The latest laugh - if you can call it that - comes from their fulfilling a campaign promise of holding an inquiry into the COVID response. 

The joke’s on us, though, because the inquiry won’t cover the border closures or lockdowns that did so much damage to the fabric of our society. 

A cynic may presume that’s because the two worst offenders - the states of Queensland and Victoria still have the same Labor premiers in charge. All the rest have moved on or been moved on by the voters. 

The inquiry also won’t have the powers of a Royal Commission, which tells me we won’t get to the bottom of the lies we were told repeatedly by our media, politicians and health bureaucrats.

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