A Masterpiece of Stupidity

We should never underestimate the collective stupidity of bureaucrats. Through them, we are funding our own demise.

A Masterpiece of Stupidity
Photo by Michal Matlon / Unsplash

If you are ever in any doubt about how the isolation bubble of politics removes almost all normal comprehension, please consider this masterpiece of stupidity.

Yes, somehow the collective wisdom in Canberra actually thought a phallic themed logo was appropriate for an internal 'tribe' of women.

These are the same set of bureaucrats who provide policy advice to government which most ministers accept with few questions.

Little wonder the world is in such a mess.

This logo was short lived, having been 'pulled' just a couple of days after the unveiling.

Even the PM couldn't get away from it fast enough, releasing this statement about his own Department.

In 2019, staff at the Department (PM&C) rebranded the staff diversity networks, which includes the Women’s Network, to establish a consistent look and feel.

The Women’s Network logo retained a “W” icon which staff had been using for a number of years.

The rebrand was completed internally, using existing resources, and designs were consulted on widely. No external providers were engaged for this work.

The logo has been removed from the department’s website, pending consultation with staff.

The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office were not part of this logo design.

This piqued my interest in these staff diversity networks operating within our public service. It turns out there are many of them.

In the case of the Women's network, they even have a Gender Executive Champion to help 'implement a 100 - 1000 day plan' for transformational change.

This is what the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet thinks should be a priority when Australia has myriad truly significant issues we need to deal with.

Of course, these real issues only affect those outside of the public service and so they don't really rate with the highly paid bureaucrat cocooned in their safe job.

Why bother with high inflation, runaway national debt, a belligerent Chinese state, a lack of power or crippling fuel prices?

It's far more important for the taxpayer funded to save the world from white male privilege with logos and hashtags.

Unfortunately this type of garbage is just the tip of the iceberg in our modern world. We are no longer members of the same species but siloed into little tribes according to some 'special' qualities.

The same people who insist that gender is entirely a social construct claim they need special programs, training and groups for women.

Many of them don't want men identifying as women in these networks which is why they have a pride network. But even that is problematic as some of the alphabet mafia think there are already too many consonants and vowels included.

All this is getting out of hand.

If we continue to divide society by our differences instead of uniting around common values and shared ideals, we will cease to be a single nation and revert to a bunch of tribes, competing to get preference at the expense of others.

This is the intention of identity politics. It creates a series of victims and sets them against each other in a battle of competing rights.

We are well advanced in sowing the seeds of our own demise and we taxpayers are paying the public servants for that privilege.

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