A Lemon of an Interview

The entitled leftist Don Lemon, fired from CNN, demonstrated his intellect and professionalism during an interview with Elon Musk. It wasn't good for Mr Lemon.

A Lemon of an Interview

I've become a fan of X, the platform formally known as Twitter.

Yes, it's still a sewer, but there are now more ways to avoid the worst of it while gaining great insights and breaking news.

More long-form interviews and content are available to help me avoid the rotten boroughs of YouTube, Facebook, and the like.

Twitter has certainly changed since Elon Musk bought it.

I'd posit it has changed for the better, but the left, who enjoyed such a free run of the platform for years, claims it is now a shadow of its former self.

Interestingly, an increasing number of tribal leftists still want to use it as a means of disseminating their worldview.

That's okay, and it's good that Elon Musk does, too.

However, not everyone feels that way - in particular, Lefties who don't like the fact that their 'ideas' are now open to challenge while the 'right's ideas' are no longer being censored.

We saw many examples of that during an interview with the awful former CNN host Don Lemon, who interviewed Elon Musk as part of his new show.

He's using the platform to host and disseminate his interviews in the hope of emulating Tucker Carlson's success.

However, Lemon's ambition hit a roadblock early on when he demanded some astonishing benefits to use X.

The Daily Mail reported:

Don Lemon's representatives denied the demands he made, but they were lying. DailyMail has obtained paperwork outlining Lemon's original demands:

• Don wanted control on every creator that was coming to the platform

• Don wanted a voice into what type of news information would be on the platform

• One of his demands was to be the first podcast in space.

• Tesla Cybertruck

• $10 million annual marketing commitment from X

• $5 million up-front payment.

• Lemon must be consulted by X 'when making decisions relating to News content on the platform/any policy changes re: content;' that he receive 'per cent of budget upon X's future spend on original content' and, breathtakingly, 'Don to approve any other news/current events talent deals/partnerships in the first year on X.'

I'm not sure if these demands were made before or after the interview with Musk, but having watched it, I suspect there wasn't much leverage for the Lemon after.

The X community was scathing about how Lemon's interview went.

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