A Generation of Manipulated Minds

Allowing people to think that disaster is imminent and man is somehow responsible allows bad actors to seize control and implement an agenda that empowers them

A Generation of Manipulated Minds
Photo by Milad Fakurian / Unsplash

I spent this week in regional South Australia, walking the incredible landscape of the Murray River as part of a guided tour. It was fun and informative. I learned some things I didn’t know, which is good to do at any age.

The crew were diverse, all friends but with various political views. 

One spirited discussion arose about the presence of the inland sea and the geological evidence of climate change over the millennia.

We could see the evidence of different environments in the transparent layers of rock comprising the cliff faces. We saw marine fossils and learned of the climate adaptation strategies of the aboriginal tribes that lived there.

We saw dead and living trees, some many hundreds of years old, and some that had perished due to changes in the river and, of course, changes in the climate. 

I asked our guide ( and fellow travellers) a simple question. 

If the evidence shows that the climate has changed for millions of years, why are we blaming man for it now?

It was interesting to hear the answers. 

I was told the rate of climate change is unprecedented, even though none could provide any evidence. 

I was told that cyclones, bushfires and other natural disasters were increasing, which was evidence of anthropogenic climate change. 

That’s not true either, and the actual evidence suggests those phenomena are decreasing in intensity. 

No one seemed able to explain how or why the climate has been much warmer and cooler previously, and yet it’s a man-made catastrophe now.

The reason for that is because most people haven’t got a clue how the weather cult has been manipulated as a means of control.

Allowing the world to think that disaster is imminent and man is responsible also allows bad actors to seize control of your life and implement an agenda that empowers them. 

Don’t get me wrong, reducing pollution is an admirable goal, but humans expelling carbon dioxide or cow flatulence isn’t pollution. 

It’s merely part of life on this planet. An attack on those is an attack on life itself.

Real pollution is evidenced in the ridiculous and unnecessary packaging of our everyday products.

Products that are profit centres for the very corporations who willingly lie in bed with the climate crazies. 

Pollution is the chemicals and plastics pushed into our bodies, impacting our health and endorsed by the ‘authorities’ purporting to keep us safe. 

Why do so few question the declining testosterone levels in young men over recent decades?

Whatever interferes with that natural effect is much more life-changing for humanity than taking a plane ride or heating your home.

But these things are inconvenient questions to those who accept the alarmism peddled by the climate catastrophists. 

To my mind, they’ve brainwashed a generation into believing that man’s use of natural resources is causing an unnatural phenomenon. 

Incredibly, the ‘solution’ is to exploit those resources to create something they deem socially acceptable - solar panels, batteries and wind turbines - while ignoring the fact that they will eventually become toxic landfill while also failing to make any difference to the climate. 

However you want to dress this farce up, climate change alarmism is a cult that reason and logic seem unable to cure. 

It’s a tool of control wielded against a generation of manipulated minds, unwilling or unable to think for themselves.

The only cure will come when the economic disaster, created by the same self-serving politicians, takes hold and the people realise they’ve been conned yet again. 

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