A Full Quota of Hypocrisy

We are simply not doing enough to save the planet according to those who preach the gospel of gaia.

A Full Quota of Hypocrisy

You should be sleeping a little easier tonight.

The world is safe. No, not safe from the maddies and baddies pushing WW3 and the risk of nuclear war.

Why would anyone care about that when we have to defend ourselves from climate change?

It’s such an urgent issue that an estimated 400 private jets flew into Egypt to talk about saving the planet from gus guzzling, carbon dioxide emitting machines - like private jets.

They were joined by somewhere between 33,000 and 45,000 other climate catastrophists who also flew in to discuss saving the planet.

Just for the record, private jets emit 14 times the ‘pollution’ per passenger than a commercial aircraft but that isn’t important when you are pressed for time.

And pressed for time we are. Apparently we only have five years to save the planet.

Oh I am sorry, we had five years, back in 2007 according to the WWF.

But they aren’t a serious climate body so we should defer to the scientists. Indeed, none other than Australia’s then chief scientist Prof. Penny Sackett.

In 2009 she said

"THE planet has just five years to avoid disastrous global warming."

According to that settled scientific proclamation we’ve either failed or succeeded because the five years were up on 4 December 2014.

Now of course things have taken on a new urgency. No lesser an authority that King Charles of England declared

"I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival,"

That was in 2019 when he was but a humble Prince. In any event, its another earth saving deadline missed

So what is the COP27 lovein really all about?

The answer to that is ‘its complicated’.

The headline act is about climate change but it’s really all about control. The jetset bureaucrats and the thousands of other assorted hangers on want more control over your life.

They are busy planning on how to get you to eat bugs while dining on extravagant climate destroying beef, innocent chickens, fresh fish and airy, all washed down with bottomless cocktails.

Of course they had to pay $125 for the privilege but the planet is clearly paying a much higher price to let the fat cats gorge themselves.  

Among the many very special moments was when the head of Venezuela - an oil rich tinpot dictatorship nation  - whose leader is a man whom the United States placed a $15 million bounty for his arrest back in 2020.

Here's the wanted criminal  shaking hands with the US climate tsar John Kerry.


Surely if Kerry were a real man he would have put this alleged narco-dictator in a sleeper hold and pocketed the $15 million.

Ahh, maybe not, the US is desperate for oil after all and Venezuela does have an awful lot of it.

But back to the summit.

The major take I got was the plan for wealthy countries to pay developing ones for some of the damage from extreme weather that scientists say is associated with global warming.

Now I am all for this. It just depends on how we are going to define wealthy.

Is Australia a wealthy nation?

Well, our governments are up to their eyeballs in debt, so are many households. We have a very high cost of living and many can no longer afford electricity or mortgage payments.

If the wealth of a nation is with its people we are among the poorest on earth. According to the ABS, most of us receive more in benefits than they give in taxes.

I reckon we are basically broke and climate change has a lot to do with it.

If the elites didn’t force unreliable and uneconomic solar and wind power on us, in the name of saving the planet from climate change,  we’d have been much better off.

And of course, as sea levels rise catastrophically, think of the likes of Mr Harbourside mansion and his multi-millionaire mates.

Based on the forecasts, their homes will be underwater in a few years.

So as we are broke and clearly affected by climate change, I think we should ask for some of the rivers of climate cash to flow our way.

I mean Indonesia is getting $20 billion from rich countries  and they don’t have anywhere near the number of harbourside mansions to protect that we do.

They also don’t have the same electricity demands that we do.

Remember, that’s why we were told we have to export live cattle to Indonesia. They don’t have the refrigeration capacity because that takes reliable and available electricity.

So my take is that Australia should put its hand up for a couple of hundred billion in compensation for all the damage being done to us.

But there’s more than just cash at stake. This COP27 stuff is such a boys club.

Just 34% of those in attendance were women. Of course that depends on how you define a woman; an increasingly fraught task these days.

It’s even worse in the upper, upper echelons.

The BBC reports that

“When world leaders gathered at the COP27 summit and took the inaugural 'family photo'. There were 110 leaders present, but just 7 were women.”

See what we are up against?

The patriarchy, the privilege, the billions of dollars and the hundreds of private  jets required to save the planet at this conference was never going to be enough.  

When will we all learn from our mistakes. Maybe at the next summit we can beat COP27s quota of hypocrisy.

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