A Dark Day for Governance

The passage of the referendum provisions through the parliament is a dark day for governance and the principle that all Australians are equal.

A Dark Day for Governance
Photo by Aditya Joshi / Unsplash

The legislative provisions to enable a referendum on The Voice have now passed the Parliament.

Just 19 Senators voted against this proposal in a symbolic display of rejection.

Incredibly, many of the Coalition voted to support them even though their official position is to oppose this racist move.

The rationale for the duality is that they are enabling the Australian people to decide.  That's a cop out and I'm not buying it.

The provisions for the referendum had the numbers to get through without any Coalition support. They should have voted against them as a policy principle and make those Liberals who want to support them, cross the floor.

At least then we'd know who they were and those in positions of leadership would have lost their highly paid roles.

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