A Dangerous Voice

Dividing Australians by race is a dangerous move toward an apartheid like society.

A Dangerous Voice

The Albanese government has finally released its third iteration of the proposed Voice to parliament.

It’s seeking to enshrine a racial divide into our constitution that can never be undone.

The Voice will be a new bureaucracy, only accessible by those with ‘special racial credentials’ which are racist to even question.

That’s right, to even question how someone with a fraction of Aboriginal DNA can set aside the majority of their heritage to claim Aboriginality is apparently borderline racist.

Under The Voice, you can imagine the rush to track down a distant ancestor to avail of the new perks and profits available to a select few.

Pauline Hanson this week claimed a list of demands found in a cafe bell the cat on what the Voice really does.

These include:  Job quotas for Aboriginal people, no entry requirements to Universities, Early access to the age pension, priority for public housing, free or subsidised entry to sport and music events, reduced income tax, mining and water royalties, a new Voice department to be the same size as the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the right to decide all liquor licensing applications.

Nothing to worry about there. That set of proposals isn’t racist at all.

Hanson said the note was left behind by a group who she believed to be employed by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA).

The NIAA denies the plan has anything to do with them.

Whether it does or not isn’t really important, but the plans identified in that note are all possibilities under The Voice.

Our own Prime Minister has said that it would be a very brave parliament that chose to ignore the suggestions of Australia’s own Aboriginal House of Lords.

Warren Mundine, an Aboriginal leader and supporter of the No campaign, says that a successful Voice referendum would result in more than a  decade of legal challenges.

“The referendum question is like being asked: 'Would you like cake with your coffee?', we like to know what is in the cake before we say yes to it.

We are going to be in litigation for the next 10-15 years over this voice when it gets up and guess what? It is not going to change one iota of anything on the ground for Aboriginal people.”

New Zealand has had a Maori voice to parliament for some time now. The Waitangi tribunal, established in 1975 provides non-binding advice to government. It now acts as a virtual veto voice to the New Zealand government.

Many warn the same thing could happen here, particularly as we don’t even know what the legislation linked to the voice will contain.

Think about this. The Albanese proposal includes these words.

“The parliament shall, subject to this constitution, have power to make laws with respect to matters relating to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, including its composition, functions, powers and procedures.”

There is no limit to what the assortment of leftists like the Greens, Labor and other lamentables could empower The Voice to do.

There is no law, regulation or policy, nor any act or decision of the Federal government or parliament, that they cannot potentially have enormous power over.

In fact, that power of advice could include binding or vetoing anything a government does.

Of course we are told that won’t happen. That’s what New Zealanders were told too.

It’s not as if our politicians don’t make a habit of not telling us the truth or making promises they have no intention of fulfilling

The Voice is a terrible move for Australia. It is racist and dangerous to our democracy. It will not improve the lot of Aboriginal people but will create an elite among them, the Lords of the Great Southern Land, to rule over the rest of us.

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