A Crock of Climate...

South Australia and Victoria will feel the “worst pain” this summer as the energy market operator warned of blackouts this summer.

A Crock of Climate...
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

The manager of Australia’s electricity grid has announced there are some ‘reliability gaps’ in our system. In plain language, that means blackouts are coming!

The worst pain is expected for South Australia and Victoria, which are expected to breach ‘the interim reliability measure’ this summer. 

SA might need to switch on those clean, green diesel generators to keep us out of third-world conditions.

But fear not; the authorities have it in hand. They are asking industries to volunteer to shut down and support the grid with small onsite generators. But it’s not just industry expected to help out. 

Households can do their bit through ‘Demand side participation’ or DSP. This is another term for a blackout, but one in which you get the benefits of not using electricity.

Here’s how it works.

Electricity prices get so high that you volunteer not to use electricity. In the eyes of the regulator, that’s a benefit to you. Here’s what they say.

“These higher prices have led to more benefits to customers participating in DSP schemes or responding directly to market signals”. 

Incredible, isn’t it? You reap the benefits of unaffordable electricity prices by not using electricity. It’s your very own mini blackout where everybody wins.

It was neatly summed up by climate blogger Jo Nova, who wrote.

Now that Alice lives in Downunder-land — more expensive electricity means customers get more “benefits” when they don’t use it. See how this works? Only the wealthy will have the convenience of electricity whenever they want it. The underclass will be cooking on barbeques and getting up earlier each day to program the washing machine and set up the timers for the scooters.

Maybe that talk of avoiding third-world conditions was a little premature. 

And sticking with the ghoulish green theme, the models used by climate catastrophists to bash Australia could be a little flawed.

The Australian reports that:

Greenhouse gas emissions from farm dams in Australia’s irrigation regions may have been massively over-estimated using existing international models, requiring a re-evaluation of the agriculture sector’s carbon footprint.

New research into the emissions of irrigation dams in the NSW Riverina district found the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change guidance overestimated their nitrous oxide and methane emissions by four and five times respectively.

Now, we shouldn’t be surprised by this. After all, the IPCC reports have repeatedly been found to be unreliable and backed more by zealotry than science. 

They’ve been alarmist over the melting of Himalayan glaciers, arctic sea ice, and future sea level rises. It’s led to a bevy of criticism that they rely more on biased government and climate activist reports than empirical evidence. 

This latest research suggests that there has been a significant overestimation of Australia’s own agricultural emissions footprint.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this climate assault on industry, fossil fuel and agriculture is entirely misplaced. We shouldn’t have a bar of it, but if our politicians insist on sending us broke, the least they could do is try to justify it with accurate data.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems with the climate cultists. They make frightening forecasts based on dodgy data, and the politicians fall for it every time. 

But apparently, no one is to blame. 

The Australian quotes the lead researcher as saying.

“No one’s wrong, it’s to do with the lack of data and there had been no other studies of farm dams in irrigation regions.

The (IPCC) do great work, but they rely on the data that exists ­already.

Excuse me if I find that a little incredulous. 

We are changing our entire way of life and threatening the very future of Australian agriculture based on non-relevant and suboptimal data, and that’s referred to as ‘great work’.

On that basis, and looking at the state of the country, all our politicians are doing ‘great work’ too. 

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