A Christmas message

A Christmas message

Like many Australians, I am in the process of winding down after a year of change and challenge. 

It has gone by so fast that it is easy to forget the huge events that have taken place this year; not least in February, on the very first day of parliament, when I launched Australian Conservatives as a political party.

Since then we have become the fastest growing political movement in the country and I suspect we are in the top three in terms of political party membership. 

It’s an amazing achievement and a result of the hard work and commitment of so many who are demanding a better way for our country. 

It seems quite fitting that only a week after the last sitting day of this year’s parliament we will be undertaking our first electoral test in Bennelong. 

Early signs are quite promising but the Australian Conservatives team of volunteers will keep working to strengthen the conservative voice until the close of polls on Saturday. 

The Bennelong team have done an amazing job over the past few weeks. In a sudden by-election they have raised the Conservative banner and literally put a campaign together from scratch.

 Through sheer hard work and dogged determination, Australian Conservatives have caught the attention of many voters. 

Our candidate Joram Richa has delivered all the energy and optimism that one could ask of any candidate, marking him for big things in the future. 

This weekend will be the chance to make the establishment parties sit up and take notice that the Conservatives cannot be ignored. This weekend is just the beginning of a journey to change politics and deliver better outcomes for all Australians. 

Our mission after this weekend is to find many more candidates who live the Australian Conservatives values and are prepared to put themselves forward for public office. 

Our voice will be strongest when it is delivered through the ballot box in every electorate of Australia. 

With your help we can do that in 2018. 

And while it is easy for many of us to be consumed by the day to day engagement of politics, Christmas provides the opportunity to relax, reflect and reconnect with what is truly important – family, friends and faith. 

I’ll be doing that after this weekend’s political showdown and hope you will too. 

That means this will be the last Weekly Dose of Common Sense for 2017. I’ll be back with more musings in mid-January where I will be sure to recount fishing tales of the ones that got away over the Christmas break! 

Thanks for being part of the journey this year. It has been amazing and I know the best is yet to come. 

From my family to yours, may the peace and goodwill of Christmas be with you and may the New Year deliver all your dreams.

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