Zealots Against Humanity

The Green zealots are telegraphing their loathing of humanity in their futile quest to save the planet from carbon dioxide.

Zealots Against Humanity
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

We’re told the The Climate Wars are over. The science is settled and carbon dioxide is warming the planet.

The catastrophists have been saying as much for more than a decade now. Each apocalyptic prediction has come to nothing apart from generating media fear porn and tabloid headlines.

Well that’s  not entirely correct, each apocalyptic prophecy generates a boat-load of money for some researcher or lobbyist or business tied in to the green dream.

As in most things, if you want to understand a problem it’s best done by following the money.

For every person genuinely convinced they want to save the planet there are many more only thinking of ways to line their pockets with other people's money.

That’s why there are so many advocates for the green dream – whether it be the rent seekers behind solar farms and windmills, the fund managers peddling questionable ESG credentials or qangos ( quasi non-government organisations) looking for taxpayer funding. They are all about making money.

It’s why so many of the high priests and priestesses of this new earth worship have access to private jets, multiple mansions and superyachts.

Even the lesser lights of the alarmist movement manage to control their concerns about rising sea levels from their waterfront homes.

I’ve discussed before that the global-warmists have many cult-like similarities.

They are unquestioning in their adherence, often only engaging with other like-minded people. They consider themselves morally superior to those infidels who pose inconvenient questions and cannot stand dissent.

I was reminded of that last week when a viewer of my Sky News Show in the United States took umbrage at my laughing at the launch of the electric chevy Volt. The mirth was because 95% of the electricity supply from the company nominated to charge the vehicle came from coal.

The critique took me to task for not realising that a lot of these vehicles would be driven in places other than where the launch took place.

And so what’s his point? Somehow this warmanista  thinks  the power they use won’t rely on fossil fuels. I note he didn’t nominate a single place where 100% of energy comes from so called renewables.

In fact, despite the trillions spent over recent years, our fossil fuel power reliance has only reduced from 86% to 83% over the past decade.

And even that has resulted in electricity grid failures in third world countries …. like….Australia

The renewables over fossil fuel argument would be considered a joke if it weren’t taken so seriously by so many self important people.

It’s part of the reason why, when we talk about the earth's climate changing, few seem to care that it has always been changing. It’s been hotter and colder many times throughout history. Inconveniently, that happened before the industrial revolution, and it happened before mankind walked the earth.

But none of that matters to the green zealots.

They are in the grip of a new religious fervour that has filled the void left from the sustained attack on Christianity by western countries.

Some would say that was the plan. The communist revolutionaries who invented identity politics – Gramsci and pals, realised that replacing established religious practices was a key plank in creating a socialist utopia.

That so many political organisations have been aiding and abetting this agenda of state control and compliance is frightening and much more scary than an elevated level of the plant food carbon dioxide.

Remember this. Every time we breathe we exhale carbon dioxide. Ergo, an attack on CO2 can be seen as an attack on humanity itself.

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