XX Marks the Sport

Despite the insistence of trans-activists, there is only one fair and safe way to determine who is eligible to compete in women's sport.

XX Marks the Sport

There are some immutable truths.

These are the unchanging universal facts that are not influenced by human opinion.

Here's an uncomfortable one for many of you.

Men and Women are biologically different. That's as a result of different  chromosones.

Females have two X chromosones while males  have an X and a Y chromosone.

No matter what internal, external, mental or chemical changes you make, no-one can alter that basic reality.

Typically males also have stronger bone density, greater lung capacity and larger heart size.

They also have a greater capacity to build strength.

That's why men, shouldn't be able to compete as women against women in sports.

They have an unfair advantage,  and that advantage remains no matter how many blockers, suppressors or supplements they may take.

In recent times we've seen men (identifying as women) win weightlifting titles, cycling races and transfer from the national mens handball team into the womens national team.

Here's transgender athletes Hannah Mouncey, Lauren Hubbard and Rachel McKinnon (centre of right image).

Each of these players has a natural advantage – they were born as men -and now seek to compete against women.

Not only do they deny very talented women the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, some transgender equality pursuits are downright dangerous.

I recall one of my former senate colleagues once said that men and women should compete in mixed teams in all professional sports.

One just has to observe the different physicality in sports such as Rugby or League, the AFL or American Football to see how the consequences of such a policy could be tragic.

It would also see very few women actually qualify for an Olympic final or win a significant professional event.

There is only one safe and fair way to determine who is eligible to play women's sport.

It has nothing to do with hormone levels, external or internal body parts.

It has to be done on the basis of the immutability of chromosones.

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