With a Friend Like America...

The USA has effectively abandoned Ukraine, after fuelling the proxy war for it's own ends.

With a Friend Like America...
Photo by Raúl Nájera / Unsplash

With a friend like America, who needs enemies?

Ukrainians could be forgiven for thinking that after US President Joe Biden seemingly abandoned Ukraine's bid to join NATO.

USA Today reports:

President Joe Biden said Saturday that the U.S. does not support a fast-tracked process for Ukraine to join NATO at the conclusion of the war.

Ukraine would need to meet certain criteria for NATO membership, Biden said, raising concerns about corruption in the country.

"I think it will. I think it can, but it's not automatic," Biden told reporters as he prepared to leave for Philadelphia.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's the right move and in the interests of world peace but I bet the Ukrainians who have paid such a heavy price for following US directives have a different idea.

They picked a fight with their nuclear armed neighbour at the behest of the Americans. This followed the CIA funded coup that installed a US puppet leadership in one of the most corrupt countries on earth.

It's the nation that was the source of many of the millions of dollars funnelled to the Biden family in exchange for political favours.

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