Why I Couldn't Back the Matildas

While the rest of the country was swept up in the Matildas hype, I couldn't bring myself to cheer them on. Here's why.

Why I Couldn't Back the Matildas
Photo by Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

I had resolved to stay silent on my complete disinterest in the Matildas and their efforts to win the Women's Soccer World Cup.

The closest I came to going public was a tweet asking if it was unAustralian not to be cheering them on.

However, the news that the Queensland government are building a 'Matildas statue' to commemorate their underwhelming fourth place is simply astounding.

Yes, I know the nation was swept up in the euphoria of an Australian based World Cup, and a national team featuring the world's best woman player. They were also considered among the favourites to win.

Prior to the commencement of the tournament, they were rated an 8% chance of winning, level pegging with the eventual victors, Spain.

While fourth place is ok, it is outside of medal rankings and certainly doesn't warrant a statue of achievement.

Perhaps a participation ribbon would be more appropriate, or better still, maybe the players could be content with the money they received for playing.

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