Why Bother?

The Left's approach to taxation undermines the ethos of entrepreneurialism. It will leave many to ask, 'Why bother?'

Why Bother?

So the first thing the Lefties do when they win government in the UK is to suggest a 90 per cent tax rate should be introduced for incomes over 400K.

I'll admit that's a lot of money to earn, but what's the point of striving for more if you are expected to give nine-tenths of it to the government?

It's not as if they spend our existing taxes wisely, so why would anyone want to give them more?

If you put that question to an unemployed leftist, they would likely mumble something about equity or equality without being able to explain what either of them means.

Here's how it works in the real world.

There is always going to be unfairness and inequality in the world.

Nothing will ever change that.

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