Why Are Our Troops There?

The announcement that Australian troops and aircraft have been relocated to the Middle East 'in case things get worse', raises questions as to why Australians are still there.

Why Are Our Troops There?
Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

The Australian government sent troops and a 'significant contingent' of aircraft to the Middle East to prepare for war.

Officially, they are there 'as a contingency' if things worsen.

I wonder why they are there at all.

Defence Minister Richard Marles says that the aircraft and ground troops are on standby, ready to evacuate Australians from the area in the event of an escalation.

“We’re not identifying where they will be, but the point of this is to provide support to Australian populations who are in the Middle East, if this gets worse, in essence.

It’s a volatile situation. We very much hope it doesn’t. We hope this is confined to Israel and Gaza but, you know, we are all watching this, as the world is watching this, and we want to ensure that we’re prepared if matters get worse.”

Marles did add this piece of advice to those Australians still in the region.

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