Where the Heck are we Going?

Recreating Australia in the image of ancient tribal mythology is well underway. It will only lead us to dysfunction and corruption.

Where the Heck are we Going?
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

The process to erase our history and rewrite it is well underway.

The main culprits are the woke corporates and the mainstream media.

We've already seen the renaming of our Capital cities for the nightly television news bulletins and for some airline travel destinations.

It's fair to say this nonsense is a ridiculous virtue-signalling exercise by the same people who claim hundreds of nations existed in Australia before European settlement.

We've seen multiple examples this week. Here's an image of flights heading to 'Meeanjin' and 'Gurambilbarra'.


You are forgiven if you haven't got a clue where those places are.

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