Where Do You Stand?

Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and declare on which side of it you stand. Now is one such time.

Where Do You Stand?

If you genuinely care about freedom and upholding principle, there has never been a more important time to show it.

Our freedoms are under assault. Our privacy is being erased. Our society is being reformed in a socialist image. Big government, big media and big tech are deciding your future without your consent.

They, and not you, determine what you can hear, read and watch.

Sure you can make the final choice but only from the list that they present to you. What they don't approve of is hidden so deeply from you that you are unlikely to ever find it.

That's censorship. That's totalitarianism. It's the ultimate in cancel culture.

Consider for a moment that the US President has been cancelled by some of the biggest communications companies on the planet. While they claim it is for breach of terms of service, that's just a ruse.

It is because they don't like his political views.

Twitter alternative Parler was shut down by Amazon, Google and Apple under similar spurious grounds. The hypocrisy of these companies is amazing. Apple demanded Parler act like a publisher even though they (and other social media companies) have protections to say they are not.

It was just a spurious excuse to cancel them.

Equally amazing is the letter from Amazon to Parler cancelling their web service agreement.

Miraculously, it was published on the Buzzfeed website an hour before it was sent to the Parler people.

That smells like a virtue signalling stitch up to me.

You might think, 'ahh that's not my problem. It's a US thing and they probably deserved it'. If that's the case you couldn't be more wrong.

If they can shut down the President, they can do anything they like to you.

These same corporate bullies control payment platforms and advertising companies. Their power and influence extends to almost every single service you need in this digital world.

Imagine if they took that away from you, simply because you didn't conform with their preferred narrative? The disruption to your life and you business could be immense.

But there are options. You can make choices that will protect you and send a clear message to these digital dictators.

Don't use Google for search (use Duck Duck Go instead). Dump Facebook. Use Brave browser. Use Parler (when it's back up) instead of Twitter. Ditch Gmail. Shut Whatsapp and use Signal as the alternative.

Every choice you make will send a message. I've now made those choices for myself.

These companies aren't connecting us, they are now controlling us.

That's why I have drawn a line in the sand. The rubbish that is circulated in the media and regurgitated by politicians is only what they want you to know. What you see online is a mere extension of the controlling elites permission set.

It's part of the reason why I started Confidential.

It's not reliant on big tech approval or advertising dollars. It's reliant on you. Your support keeps Confidential independent and will sustain our growth.

Now more than ever, I am grateful for that support and am pleased I have drawn the line in the sand to know where I stand to protect freedom. I hope you have too.

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