What's Wrong With Politics

There's a saying that a picture tells a thousand words. When I saw a photo of a Greens press conference, it said a lot about what's wrong with Australian politics.

What's Wrong With Politics
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

This photo neatly sums up what's wrong with Australian politics.

Sarah Hanson-Young, Dorinda Cox and Peter Whish-Wilson during a press conference at Parliament House.

It shows three Green Party Senators at a press conference complaining about the behaviour of their former colleague, Lidia Thorpe.

The three are Senators Sarah Hanson-Young (SHY), Dorinda Cox and Peter Whish-Wilson.

I don't know Cox, but I served with the other two, and it looks to me like they are most uninterested in the whinging of their colleague. And yet, there they are, going through the motions for the press pack.

According to Cox, she claims she had to move office because:

“I have moved offices to ensure the safety and wellbeing of myself and my staff.

The confrontations [with Thorpe] have happened when I have been walking to a division, going about my business with my staff.

This isn’t about politics – it’s about ensuring a safe workplace. Everyone deserves a respectful workplace. No matter what job they do in parliament, we all deserve to feel safe.”

Some of what she says could be true, but the expressions on the faces of the other two tell me a lot.

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