What's Life All About?

Understanding what is really meaningful to the human condition is the key to living a rich life. Modernity is taking some of that from us.

What's Life All About?
Photo by Zac Durant / Unsplash

I was having coffee with my wife yesterday when we started discussing the state of the world - again.

It's an oft-repeated conversation because there are always new events and political developments to contemplate. I consider few of them to be positive for the future of civilisation.

It wasn't long until we got to the 'meaning of life' and asking 'what's it all about"?

Nothing but the big issues for the Bernardi's after an early morning walk!

While neither of us had a definitive answer but we both agreed what it wasn't about.

Life is not about being an economic drone, working long hours to get money to spend on trivialities. And yet that is what we've become, or are becoming, as a society.

I suspect that's more by design than misfortune.

Over the past several decades we have become enslaved to consumer culture.

Always needing the latest accessories or technology. We're conditioned to eating out and having the more menial chores outsourced. One only has to look at the boom in Uber eats to see that trend.

The constant pursuit of this 'lifestyle' upgrade has been heavily promoted by media, business and government alike. It's all about keeping us on the economic treadmill, forced to keep working in order to keep consuming.

We're encouraged to borrow money to fund even the smallest of disposable purchases.

Every consumer itch needs to be scratched immediately, whether we have the cash or not.

This has happened while our actual quality of life has been declining.

Many may argue with that sentiment as how we measure qualityof life is rather personal and subjective.

However, my wife and I both noticed how few people we know enjoy regular family dinners. Some don't even seem to spend much time together as a family for any reason.

Each to their own but when the tough times come, it's family we rely on rather than our Facebook friends.

There's also a growing disconnect between the things we truly need and how they appear before us.

Food is the great example. Most people today don't care where a tomato comes from. As far as they're concerned, the food cycle might as well start at Woolworths.

Fewer still would grow their own fruit and vegetables or raise chickens for eggs. That means a great connection with the land and the life force it gives us has been lost to generations.

Again, none of this is important if your role is simply that of wage slave where you do your assigned work, get paid and then 'veg' out for the rest of your time by watching sports or streaming or the Internet.

Unfortunately, that's what passes as life for many today.

It probably suits a lot of people too. They don't have to think too much or worry about anything; as long as they keep getting the salary then things will be ok.

And when the work stops, the government will be there with a Universal Basic Income, issued through their Central Bank Digital Currency, which will only permit you to purchase approved products.

Well we're not quite at that point yet but we are well on the way to being completely zombified.

Incredibly, most haven't noticed what's actually going on and seemingly have no concern for the future.

That's how the Great Resetters think they are going to get away with it.

So many citizens are already enslaved by the trinkets and baubles of modern life that they aren't even aware of what has been lost.

The ties that bind are our generational ties to family and friends. Our relationships, including the one we have always had with the land, are at the very essence of what it means to be able to live a rich life.

It's much more than physical too. These relationships nourish our very soul which is what makes us very rich indeed.

Reconnect today!

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