What is 'Woke'?

We here it used every day but few can define why 'woke' is such a danger to Western civilisation. Here's my attempt.

What is 'Woke'?

The term "woke" originally referred to being aware and critical of social inequality and injustice, but it has morphed into a radical ideology that seeks to dismantle traditional values and institutions.

The danger of this ideology lies in its rejection of objective reality and the vilification of dissenting opinions.

The woke ideology is rooted in postmodernism, a philosophical movement that rejects objective truth and embraces the idea that all knowledge is a product of power, rather than reasoned inquiry.

This postmodern perspective is the foundation of the woke movement, which promotes a distorted view of reality that elevates individual experience over empirical evidence.

This pursuit promotes an extreme form of identity politics where people are defined first and foremost by their race, gender, and sexual orientation.

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