We're Winning the Race of Self Destruction

Australia is winning the race of Western self-destruction. We are worse off economically, socially and societally thanks to the actions of our politicians and thought leaders.

We're Winning the Race of Self Destruction

After decades of trying to be a global leader, Australia has finally hit the big time.

Yes, we are number one in the global rankings for something other than sports.

This week, the real household gross disposable income per capita rankings came out, and we were at the top.

That sounds like a good thing until you look at the chart. Our disposable income per person dropped more than any other nation.


That means we have less to spend individually, even though the politicians and economists tell us the country is doing fine.

It's not that they are lying to you as much as they are cherry-picking the information they want you to know.

I've warned of this for many months now.

Out headline economic figures are propped up by the very high immigration rates, but those same immigration rates are making us individually worse off.

That we are worse off economically is borne out of the graph I just showed you.

But you only have to look around to see that we don't appear to benefit from this open border program in too many ways.

Bringing in low-skilled workers fills jobs but also leaves millions of Aussies on income support.

Surely, our priority should be to get these people off the taxpayer drip and into some meaningful work.

Apparently not. As best as I can tell, almost no one is talking about correcting the rorters and bludgers on our welfare system.

Instead, most of the political chatter in that space is about giving them more money for not working rather than expecting them to get off their backsides and into a job.

Of course, the influx of immigrants also puts pressure on our social systems and infrastructure.

There's evidence many migrants share Medicare cards to access taxpayer-funded medical help. We know they need places to live and access to other services, just like every other person who lives here.

The problem is that we don't have enough access to housing, electricity, transport and infrastructure for current demand, let alone millions more people.

And you can also see the social dislocation emerging in our community.

The incredible rise of anti-semitism and the attacks on Jewish people is simply deplorable.

Incredibly, the leftists in public office waste no opportunity to condemn the attacks but with a particular twist.

Here's what Foreign Minister Penny Wong put on X recently

I couldn't help but notice she managed to weave Islamophobia into the mix as if that's what's causing Muslim people to attack Jews in Caulfield.

It wasn't the Islamophobes chanting 'Gas the Jews' at the Sydney Opera House. Nor were the Islamophobes holding signs stating 'Behead those who insult the prophet' during previous protests.

Believe it or not, it wasn't Islamophobes who invaded Israel and mutilated innocent Israelis simply because they were Jews.

But it's good that Penny Wong reminds us of how dangerous the Islamophobes are.

It's also worth noting her claim that people come to Australia to live in a peaceful, tolerant and respectful country.

In the main, that's true, but we also know people come here for other reasons.

Some love the welfare, while others are trying to change their adopted country.

You just have to look at our Parliament to see that.

Migrants like Green Senator Mehreen Faruqi seem to loathe the nation that offered them refuge and opportunity.

Having left the misogyny, crime and impoverishment of her native Pakistan, I haven't heard Faruqi say too many nice things about Australia.

Listening to her, one can only conclude that we are a nation of deplorable racists and colonisers. It makes me wonder why she chose to come here in the first place.

Her claims don't seem to agree with Wong's statement that our new arrivals want to live in a country that is peaceful, tolerant, and respectful.

I certainly can't apply those words to Faruqi's parliamentary performance. They generally lack grace, tolerance and respect for others or her adopted homeland.

It's even more incredible that she chooses to stay here, given it is so bad. I mean, it's not like she has nowhere else to go.

As well as her extensive Australian property portfolio, which includes a development site that will bulldoze significant trees and threaten precious koala habitat, the Greens Senator has some land in Pakistan too.

At any time, she could head back there and rid herself of the burden of living on taxpayers' money in this racist land of colonisers.

As an activist, she'd have plenty of work to do in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government is currently deporting hundreds of thousands of Afghanis because they present a security risk.

She could talk about the horrors of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and how their Islamic doctrine is mired in 6th-century brutality.

In fact, as an activist, she could talk about that here.

I'd suggest she then arrange a boycott of Australian Cricket from engaging in sports with the Taliban national team. At the very least, she should insist there be a Taliban women's team on the tour too.

I'm sure she'd receive strong support from the woke crew who make up Australian cricket, given they hate fossil fuel sponsors and needed counselling after the No vote got up.

But that won't happen because, like most of the rest of the hypocritical activist class, they'd rather talk about the horror of the Islamophobic Israelis trying to rid their homeland of killers and terrorists.

That's the priority in this land of the self-loathing. They are taking this country backwards in most of the metrics that matter.

We are more divided, we have hypocritical leadership in every realm, our economy is close to breaking, and we are consumed with the temporal rather than the permanent.

There's so much noise that few can even pinpoint how much damage is being done, why it's being done and who is responsible.

It's time to batten down the hatches and realise that no one is coming to save you from the madness that our leaders are inflicting on us.

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