Welcome to 2024

The new year presents some extraordinary challenges but also some incredible opportunities to make valuable gains. Success means staying ahead of the curve.

Welcome to 2024

Welcome to 2024!

It promises to be one of the most eventful years in recent memory.

We've got live combat zones, important elections, and economic challenges on top of counterproductive social agendas.

They all have the potential to reshape the West as we know it, and that means we need to be prepared.

That's the critical theme I see for this year. We all need to be fit - financially and physically- for whatever may transpire.

Some of the expected actions are entirely predictable. One of them is the US Presidential election.

Multiple scenarios are in play, but the end result will be unprecedented division in the United States of America.

If Trump wins, as I expect him to, the Left will run riot and cause chaos.

If you thought the lawless BLM and corrupt judiciary were bad, then the post-Trump victory protests will be much, much worse.

Of course, if Trump doesn't win, the credibility of the US electoral system will be under scrutiny. One stolen election can be 'ignored', but a second would telegraph a pattern of institutional abuse.

One scenario that I can foresee is the USA using some exceptional circumstance ( a formal declaration of war, domestic terrorism or pandemic threat) to justify changing the electoral process.

An existential threat could easily be used to justify increased or even compulsory postal voting, which is much more easily manipulated than attendance at the polling booth.

Economically, many experts predict lower interest rates linked to an economic slowdown. It could even be followed by more money printing in a last, desperate roll of the dice to keep the heavily indebted West afloat.

I sense that one or more Western governments may declare a formal recession. Australia's Ponzi-scheme immigration program will limit our slowdown to a per capita recession.

That means it'll be more challenging for us individually while the government can claim the economy is still growing.

Protecting your family's financial position will require an open mind on alternative assets.

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