WEF Scenarios Come True

In a massive coincidence the World Economic Forum often conducts scenario training just before the scenario's become real.

WEF Scenarios Come True

There's a great deal of money to be made (and power to be gained) by fuelling alarmism.

Some organisations seem to specialise in it. Naturally they also have the solution which coincidentally empowers or enriches them.

It usually involves someone else's money which is not donated voluntarily by concerned citizens but redistributed by government – for our own good of course..

Naturally the problem never goes away, it just adapts to the circumstances and only the continuing replenishment of their bank account, with someone else's money, will avert a total catastrophe.

It's a very neat business model if you can crack it.

Plenty do.

The entire climate change alarmism business is built around it. The shrill voices get handouts to become even shriller and more professional scaremongers and scroungers.

In fact, it's most of the eco zealots fit into this category. Every week there is a new endangered species or threatened funghi to save.

Some organisations though, have much grander visions and want to save us all….from ourselves.

One of those I have spoken about regularly on this program, the World Economic Forum.

They're the mob of autocrats that wants to reinvent capitalism, build back better and think you should own nothing and be happy.

You have to admire the hutzpah, they never let an opportunity to proselytise their socialistic agenda of global government go to waste.

They morphed from green tyranny of the West, to pandemic pushers of progressive politics.

I used the term progressive for alliteration purposes. A more appropriate word is communist, given their agenda's striking similarity to Marx's Communist manifesto discussed here a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, the WEF is very influential counting many politicians, international bureaucrats, billionaires and hard core socialists among their advocates.

It's probably just a coincidence that many of these groups were involved in a

"Live Simulation Exercise to Prepare Public and Private Leaders for Pandemic Response" back in October 2019 – just months before the Coronavirus pandemic was declared.

It involved all the usual suspects.

The Gates Foundation, The World bank, United Nations, the CDC, Johns Hopkins University, the CIA, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control, big pharma representatives and oddly, a representative of NBC media….to name but a few.

Presciently, these mob of altruistic world savers went through a simulation called Event 201 which was about a fictional coronavirus pandemic.

Here's what Johns Hopkins had to say about it last year when questions arose.

"For the scenario, we modelled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very  severe pandemic. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019."

See, it's all just a coincidence. Just because the players in the simulation are many of the same ones running the current agenda there is absolutely nothing to see here.

Move along, nothing to see. Even the link to the WEF epidemic planning page is now dead.

Anyway, managing the world has to be easier than managing your own website so there is no cause for you to be concerned.

Except about the next panic attack.

You see, the WEF seems so good at preparing for the future it's wise to look at what might be coming down the pipe.

Actually, the recent pipeline extortion that recently occurred in the USA is a good case in point.

That was a relatively mild case of cyber terrorism and coincidently the WEF are conducting a new simulation - this time over a cyber attack that will shutdown the world economy.

Imagine how quickly society would disintegrate if electricity, water, fuel and other essentials were shut down due to a cyber attack. Hoarding toilet paper wouldn't be enough.

We'd have a new collective enemy to unite against while waiting for government to save us all.

Once again, the WEF is making the case that this is a global threat and a "major obstacle in our path to progress". There's that word again…progress…as in progressive….as in socialist…

Naturally, such a threat requires a global response which the WEF is prepared to lead.

It seems that every problem identified by the WEF and their allies in the international bureaucracy requires the global centralisation of power and decision making.

This latest simulation neatly fits with their Great Reset agenda.

Only time will tell if their concerns over a cyber-attack that shuts the world will prove as prescient as their pandemic simulation.

If it does, I suspect it would open up a raft of questions as to just how contrived these weapons of mass hysteria may be.

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