Weekend at Biden's

Do you remember, back in 2006, the self-serving claims that John Howard was ‘too old to be Prime Minister’. At the time he was a spritely and energetic 66 year old, with nearly a dozen years’ experience as Prime Minister.

Weekend at Biden's

That narrative was pushed by a bunch of media outlets, the Labor Party and a few lefties pushing for change within Howard’s liberal party.

Today John Howard is 81 and could still run intellectual rings around many of the current crop of political leaders.

Unfortunately we can’t say the same for the United States political administration which is starting to resemble the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

You may recall that film involved a couple of losers pretending their dead boss was actually still alive so they could enjoy his beach house and lifestyle for a weekend.

We now have “Weekend at Biden's”.

It’s the reality show where the Democrats put up a barely cogent candidate for President just so they could enjoy the spoils of office.

It features an all-star cast of the politically semi-lucid headlined by Joe Biden himself.

He is supported by Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Hapless Chuck Schumer. The character of the manipulating unloveable loser belongs to the cackling Kamala Harris.

The plot is pretty simple.

A trio of near Octogenarians, seize control of the most powerful nation in the world while not having any idea what they are doing, while there radical understudy plots to seize power for herself.

The star of the show, Joe Biden walks and talks but the walking is worrying

while the talking is often gibberish.

He even has to ask his carer/wife where he is when he wakes up most mornings.

That’s not the only question arising from this true to life mockumentary.

The audience are left asking  how Biden, after spending his entire adult life in congress earning the inflation adjusted equivalent of 200K per annum,  came to own multiple houses and accrue enormous family wealth.

Whatever canny investing Biden did to afford a lifestyle where his family can afford to abandon laptops and enjoy regular jaunts to China and the Ukraine, it seems to be contagious.

His side kick, Crazy Nancy uses her substantial wealth to hoard ice cream in her $24,000 freezer.

Unfortunately, this induces a form of weekend post binge brain freeze from which she seems unable to escape.

The third character is little Chucky Schumer who, fortunately for us is relegated to a bit part after letting people know that there is more than mere politics on his mind.

Behind these lacklustre trio is cackling Kamala who seemingly can only laugh hysterically at any question directed her way. That makes her the most lucid character in the entire script.

Given the cast, the plot of Weekend at Biden’s makes some all too predictable twists and turns.

Children are kept in cages, unarmed invaders flood into the United States while trillions of dollars in helicopter money fuels price rises in fuel, foodstuffs and other necessities.

Despite the chaos going on around him, Biden’s minders tell him to call a lid on his weekend…but he lets his playmates, and their friends do whatever they want, with all the resources close at hand.

They decide to rename the Biden administration the Biden-Harris administration, allow males to compete in female sports while arguing that removing dead people from electoral rolls is actually ‘voter suppression’

An empowered Kamala even enlists the help of Bill Clinton to host a forum on ‘empowering women’.  I mean who better to help fight for women’s rights than the serial female empowerer himself.

There is no word on whether this is to be held on Bill's regular Caribbean retreat Little St James now that former owner Jeffery Epstein cannot provide flights and accommodation.

We are only a few episodes in to this four year premier season of “Weekend at Biden’s” but already the audience seems to be losing interest.

A recent public appearance by key cast members could draw only a couple of dozen fans which suggests the decision to replace the previous political program will be regretted by tens of millions.

Unfortunately for all of us watching, it’s easy to see how this is all going to end.

Just like we did when they told us that John Howard was too old for the job.

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