We Need More Truth Tellers

Now free of the confines of network television, Tucker Carlson is exposing even more of the dishonest deep state that is intent on deceiving the world.

We Need More Truth Tellers
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

One has to admire the newly liberated Tucker Carlson.

Since leaving the confines of Fox News, he's done more to bring the awful truth to millions of members of the public than most before him.

Unlike Alex Jones, the mainstream media haven't sought to paint Carlson as a crank or an extremist. He hasn't given them a reason to, as his airing of uncomfortable truths is backed with overwhelming evidence.

Sure, there were a few commentators (including here in Australia) who celebrated his removal from television, principally because he questioned the West's involvement in the Ukraine war.

These critics are the same shills who continually tell us that Ukraine is on the cusp of winning and that Putin has desires to take over all of Europe.

Those who claim such things are hopelessly compromised by propaganda from the Deep State.

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